Hi Everyone!!
This is the last Thursday of June which mean it is time for the second TBT with Mel

What is the TBT with Mel you might ask?
It’s an idea I got after hosting April Jon Creator Showcase, if Jon project include post written the month before the showcase, TBT with Mel look for post written before the creation of the Jon Creator Showcase. The first showcase was held in January 2017 with posts written in December 2017, therefore the first TBT with Mel look for post written in November 2017, you can see the first edition of this project here.

Since I decide to go backward with this project, for the month of June I looked for post written in October.

Like for the first edition, I took submission from people who wanted to share post they have written during the month of October and I really wanted to thanks Karandi, Scott and Jon for their submission

Wolf’s Rain Series Review by Karandi (100WordAnime)
For this second edition, Karandi share with us their review of the series Wolf’s Rain, Karandi always write great review and this make no exception. I might not have seen the series but I might add it to my watch list if I can find somewhere to watch it.

Watching horrifying anime in public by Scott (Mechanical Anime Review)
In this post, Scott share with us his viewing habit, how he watch video depending on where he is and what he is doing and how he doesn’t mind watching bloody, gory anime in public.

Le Portrait de Petite Cossette – Beauty Effects us in Mysterious Ways by Jon Spencer (Jon Spencer Reviews)
I have to admit, I never heard about Le Portrait de Petite Cossette, or more I knew the anime by title but I never really care about looking into it, however, Jon post made me curious enough to add it to my never-ending watch list.

Gonna end this with my own submission

Megane Day, The Type of Megane
As the title suggest, I wrote this post for the Megane Day (10/01). In this post I talk about the different type of Megane that can be found in anime.


I wanna thanks one last time those three for their submission, it was three interesting read, thank you for sharing these with us!!

Concerning the month of July, I will start taking submission the 1st of July until the 16th, the post submitted need be have been written in September 2017.
You can submit you post on twitter by tagging me (@melinanimeland) and adding #TBTwithMel!

Look-out for the announcement on Twitter and my blog!!

~ Thank you for Reading ~

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