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Welcome back in a new edition of Mel&Arthis Appreciating the Fine Men from the Anime World, we are now at the 13th week of the challenge and today for day 25 we will share with you our favorite fighter

There is a lot of good fighter in the anime world, a lot and there is also a lot of hot fighter in the anime world a lot, so I had plenty of possibilities. I could have go with a character with great power like any character of the Dragon Ball franchise cast, but I wanted to pick one who was closer to a realistic fight so I decide to stop my choice on a kickass cowboy

Spike Spiegle

Laid-back personality and a little goofy at time, Spike is a bounty hunter who use to be part of a criminal syndicate. He had a fierce reputation during his time within the Red Dragon, some even see him as the next leader of the criminal organization, how ever Spike doesn’t care about that and eventually end up leaving the organization after falling in love with the wrong woman.

He know who to use his hand to punch you and how to use his feet to kick you, but he also know who to use his head when the time come even if most of the time he tend to act first and think after since he often act on instinct. Despite the fact he act on instinct, this instinct never really failed him.

Spike as only one word and doesn’t back off easily, if he say he will help you he will even if it goes against all logic.

Spike the bounty hunter is my pick for this week, now time to let place to Arthis and his choice


I mean… That is just cheating… Right? Well, I don’t know how the hell am I going to top Spike, but let’s see if I’m able to! 😀 Contrary to Mel, I’ll be going with fighters that have all kind of super powers… I mean, I could also go realistic, but it’s better to save the guy that immediately pops up to mind 😛 This way, my pick for the hottest fighter is:

Nara Shikamaru from the Naruto Series

Image taken here!

Hmmm, maybe that was underwhelming for you? Sorry! >.< But it’s true! I always loved Shikamaru and when I thought about this he was the one that came to mind. Yeah, it is true that is not the best looking out there, specially when compared to Spike, but he has his charm! Look at him! He really his handsome and, more than that, really cool!

shikamaru what a drag.gif

But, of course, it was not for his looks that I chose Shikamaru! It was because of his great intelligence and laid back attitude. Yeah, you may think that having someone say “What a drag!” all the time may seem a little annoying, but not for me. In fact, I see Shikamaru as someone who really goes for it and enjoys the simple and pleasant things in the world! Watching the clouds moving, breathing the fresh hair… I have a lot to learn from him since I’m always in full speed mode!

shikamaru chilling.gif

But, that’s not all. He is incredibly intelligent, I think everyone knows that and well, for me intelligence is one of the most important assets. However, it has to be connected with a good heart and someone who knows how to be humble and not be a “know it all”. Well, Shikamaru is like that and you can easily see that he has a golden heart.

shikamaru skill.gif

To conclude in a great fashion, let’s not forget how loyal he is. You can see that he is someone who easily likes others and brings them down in their wing. Moreover, although always thinking everything is a drag growing up, there is something that he never feels not doing, and that is help his friends.

shikamaru cute

Basically, I love him! To be honest, he was one of the few side arcs I really watched trough all and enjoyed it! I loved his growth throughout the season and the more he grew, the more he became boyfriend material!


I haven’t watch Naruto enough to fully enjoy the beauty that is Shikamaru, cause yes that kid is definitely a hottie.

This was our pick for today, while waiting for Arthis post you can vote for you favorite fighter of the two and share with us your favorite fighter in the comment box below.

~ Thank you for Reading ~

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