Hello everyone!
It’s me Mel your host!

Today for the Sport Anime Challenge, I will share with you my favorite ace and get ready to be shock.

Kagami Taiga

“OMG WE NEED TO REVOKE HER AOMINE FAN GIRL CARD” I can hear some screaming in the distance, but before throwing me any rock for being disloyal to my perverted basketball idiot, hear me out.

First I already talk about Aomine here and I didn’t want to use him once again, I could have but I didn’t want to and this lead to the second reason why Kagami is my favorite ace here.

While Aomine is really an impressive player and one of the best of his kind, he doesn’t know how to play in team, as long as he had the ball he is happy and even if he couldn’t make the shoot he will still keep the damn ball without passing it t anyone. He might be a terrific player, but I think you need more than that for being an Ace people will want to play with.

Kagami is a basketball idiot too, but he know that he can trust his teammates, he know that he have their full support, he know they will be there to help him out, to remove the burden that he as on his shoulders.

Kagami Taiga is as talented as Aomine, but above than he is a good human being who never looked down on anyone.

~ Thank you for Reading ~

8 thoughts on “Sport Anime Challenge | Day 16 – Favorite Ace

  1. Don’t worry I won’t revoke your Aomine card lol. I love both of them as aces, but agree more with your reasoning on Kagami being a better ace. Along with your reasons, Kagami also wants to continue to improve as a player too, something that Aomine kinda seems satisfied with where he’s at.

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    1. I wouldn’t say Aomine is satisfied, cause once he realized how wrong he was he start to change. He is willing to change to get better which is good, however he would never be able to get like Kagami. From all the Generations of Miracles that could be close to Kagami as best ace Kise could take that title.

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      1. I guess I meant to say for awhile he was coasting, rather then satisfieid with his skills. (It’s also been way too long since I’ve read/watched lmao). I for sure agree that Kise has way more potential to match Kagami in the future, but even still he has a bit of catching up to do.

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      2. For a long time that idiot thought he was the best and no one could beat him until Kagami arrive, he didn’t really had the choice to change cause he finally had someone he could call a rival

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      3. Pretty much and he had the right to think that for awhile! Getting a rival (especially one like Kagami) always helps getting people motivated to improve.


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