Hi everyone!
It’s friday and you know what this mean right?
It is time for Arthis and me to share with you some of your favorite character.

This week on my blog we will present you main male character for a series and this mean that we have a lot of option…like A LOT of option, however my mind was already set on one particular character.

Kogami Shinya


Kogami is the male lead character for the first season of the original anime produced by Production I.G, Psycho-Pass. When we first meet him he is a cold and distant enforcer, but under this crime coefficient of 268.8, you can fine a cultivated man who enjoy reading philosophical book a long book from more pop-culture author like Stephen King.

Yes Kogami is intelligent, but he is also a really good fighter and never miss a chance to beat the punching bag, either in the gym or in his room.

He is not only brawl nor brain he is right in the middle which make him far to be boring, I always enjoy listening to him talking about present case and giving his two cents, even if as enforcer he shouldn’t have his word to say.

I just loved him at the first sight, cause on top of his intelligence he is really good-looking.

Enforcer Kogami is my choice for this week, now it’s Arthis turn to share we us his favorite male main character.


Aroo~ everyone!

This week is probably the most difficult until today! Not because there are few characters to pick from… In fact, it’s quite the contrary, there are way too many! And, let’s not forget! I have to do this in a strategic way since I won’t be able to choose that character again. After a loooong thought process I’m going with:

Nice from Hamatora

Nice hamatora.gif

Do I really need to say anything about why I chose Nice? I don’t really think so… But, since I really need to write something (I mean, this is a job post and not a gallery) I’m going to do my best!

When it comes to its physical you all know why I like him! He’s young? Check! Has an athletic body? Check! Has that cool vibe? Check! Cool clothing? Check! With a bonus point due to his headphones!

Nice hamatora cool.gif

When it comes to psychological, I think you also know my type at the moment! I feel that I’m repeating myself every week >.< As you know Nice is incredibly intelligent! In fact, he is a good candidate for the most intelligent male character in the Anime World! Well, you know what I feel about that! However, contrary to other intelligent guys who end up having God complex he goes to the contrary route. He tries not to show his intelligence that much (unless needed) and is kind of humble. At least he never rubs off in someone’s face that he’s smarter than others. Basically, two of the main qualities I look for in a guy!

Then, we also have that he is a kind and sweet guy which he’s just the cherry on top of the cake. It’s true that he ends up being a little aloof when it comes to normal things that happen in our daily lives. But, well… Normally all geniuses are like that 😀

Nice hamatora cute.gif


Nice is….nice….XD Great choice Arthis I would fall for that guy if it wasn’t of Kuudere Kogami.

This was our pick for this week, now it’s time to let us know who is your favorite main male characters in the comment section below, don’t forget to vote for either Kogami or Nice and keep an eye or two on Arthis post which will be published roughly one hour after mine.

~ Thank you for Reading ~

8 thoughts on “Mel&Arthis Appreciating the Fine Men From the Anime World… | Week 14 Day 27

  1. I’m sorry Arthifis…but I am going with Kogami. He is just seriously bad ass, and my favorite character from Psycho Pass (which made it all the more disappointing he wasn’t in season 2). (That said…I just love Psycho Pass…turly one of my alltime favorite animeseries 😀😀).


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