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Today for the sport anime challenge, I will share with you my favorite team rival from a sport anime. Normally I try to settle for only one pick, but today I really have difficulties to choose between the two I had in mind.

My first pick is …


(Prince of Tennis)

Unlike most of the sport anime where the underdog team is the main team of the series, Fudomine was the underdog team of Prince of Tennis. When we first meet team they are an unknown team with completely new player. This tea is a good example of perseverance and determination. They worked hard to be able to participate in the different tournament and make a name for themselves. After their games against Seigaku they were at the same level of the veteran team.
Also unlike most of the rival team of Prince of Tennis, while you can feel the competition between Fudomine and Seigaku, they are still in friendly their, to the point to have practice game together.

My second pick is…



Like Fudomine, Nekoma is in friendly term with the team which the volleyball anime series focus on, however they aren’t an underdog team.
Even if they are in competition against Karasuno, Nekoma team member (mostly Kuroo toward Tsukishima)  help Karasuno team member to get better . You can see the rivalry between the two team, but you also see their friendship thought it.

Today was an exception, shouldn’t have any other day with two choice in it, I really didn’t want to left one of the two team out since both are great team yet have different background.

~ Thank you for Reading ~ 

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