[Doujinshi] Etc

Series: My Hero Academia
Pairing: Bakugo x Deku
Genre: Shounen-ai
Circle/Author: Multivitamin/ Ichiko

Hi Everyone!!
It’s Tuesday and it’s time to share with you an other doujinshi of My Hero Academia, last week I share one featuring Bakugo and Todoroki pairing, if you remember well I said it wasn’t one of my fave pairing.
Today I will share with you one with one of my favorite pairing BakuDeku.

It’s UA cultural festival and the class 1-A decide to make a play, while the story is not set in the Fantasy AU, it our dear student play the same role as seen in the fantasy ending of the second season.
Midoriya is playing that young adventurer and Kacchan the Dragon tamer prince whatever he is.
Midoriya arrive late to try the costume and now he have to find Kacchan cause the latter have to try on is own costume…and I’m thanks the heaven for that costume, pretty sure Deku also thanks them.

The second from the last panel was probably my favorite, soft Kacchan ruffling Deku’s hair.

To read the doujinshi, click here

~ Thank you for Reading ~

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