Hi Everyone!
Welcome back to this new edition of Mel’s Sport Anime Challenge!

Day 23 and today I will talk about my favorite moment in a sport anime

Once again I’m picking from Kuroko no Basuke, not because the other sport anime I saw didn’t gave/show me great moment, but because I’m really biased toward Kuroko and his rainbow friend.

Kagami Opening the 2nd door

©Production I.G

It’s not the first time I talk about it, in December of last year, I did collaboration with the amazing Zel on Kuroko no Basuke, we were talking about your favorite moment from the series and this one was one of my pick…and since I’m quite lazy today I will just copy/paste what I wrote in that post

As you should already know, a player can get into the zone state, when they love and passionate about the sport they practice, they get really focus on what they are doing and almost forgot about their surrounding. You can read more about the Zone here.

So why did I choose this scene, it’s simple it prove the Generation of Miracle wrong, cause to be able to enter the «Direct Drive Zone» it’s about being able to play in team, to trust your teammates. If you can’t play in a team, you can’t open that second door. That is why Aomine was never able to enter that second zone, he is not a team player and he was playing for a team that was letting him to whatever he wanted

You can read the full post here with Zel part.

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