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Welcome back to another edition of Mel&Arthis Appreciating the Fine Men From the Anime World, we are now at the 15th weeks of this challenge where Arth and I share with you our favorite anime or manga male character.

Today we will share with you the male character from a Magical Girl anime that we really like

My pick for today is a book guardian related taking his power for the Moon


(Cardcaptor Sakura)


When Yue was introduced for the first time as the Judge, I knew I would love him maybe as much I a like his human counterpart, Yukito, even if he wasn’t friendly toward the young Sakura and Sayoran, but can we really hate someone who is just doing his job, plus he is under the Moon power and the night two thing I absolutely love.


Once Sakura was acknowledged as the new master of the card, Yue became the guardian of the reason, the one that remain (or try) calm in any situation while Sakura and Kero start to panic a little.

Even if he look cold and distant (like the Moon) Yue truly love his new master and would do anything to protect her.


Now I gonna let the place to Arthis and his pick for this week !


So… You are going to kill me for this… But I don’t really watch Magical Girl Animes :/ In fact, I had to go to my watched list and filter it by Magical Girl to see what I could find and well… Not really that great of a list! Cardcaptor Sakura which I don’t remember anything and Sailor Moon… Which I also don’t remember much!

But, then… Then it made light! It seems Kore wa Zombie desu ka? is considered a Magical Girl Anime? Well, not going to think much about it and just shout: SAFE! 😀 So, today I bring you:

Aikawa Ayumu from Kore wa Zombie desu ka?

Aikawa Ayumu magical girl.gif

THAT you probably weren’t expecting! My character is not only in a Magical Girl Anime, he is in fact THE Magical Girl on the show! :’D 

When it comes to his appearance… Well, for a zombie is not THAT bad! And if you take him out of the sun he ends being pretty gorgeous! It’s true that he normally does not have the healthiest look, but put him inside a house, with no sun shining on him and he becomes a really cutiepie!

Aikawa Ayumu cute.gif

The thing I love the most about Aikawa is how hilarious he ends up to be! For someone who is a zombie this boy really has a lot of energy! However, when times are needed he embraces his more serious self and becomes protective of his own friends, fighting until the dead if needed to defend the ones he love!

Aikawa Ayumu hilarious.gif


This was our pick for this week!

It’s time to vote and tell us which is YOUR favorite male from a Magical Girl anime!

Don’t forget to look out for Arthifis post!!

~ Thank you for Reading ~ 


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