Hi everyone!
Welcome back to another edition of Mel is Watching, this is now the second week of the summer season and other than the continuing series and my highly anticipated series, I’m still not sure about what I will watch.


  • Black Clover
  • My Hero Academia

Must Watch

  • Attack on Titan (Starting July 22nd)
  • Free! Dive to the Future

Look Interesting Enough

  • Angel of Death
  • Cell at Work!

Try and Nope

  • Thousand Musketeers


Black Clover
Episode 40 – A Black Beach Story

©Studio Pierrot

I guess this is a must for all respectable anime series, the beach episode and of course a shounen like Black Clover need its own beach episode, while most of the episode is not even worth to be mentioned, I think they finally decide to put the spotlight on Noelle a little bit since she is the key to be able to reach an underwater city. In order to do that she have to learn to control her magic which he can barely do now.
Not gonna lie, I’m not a big fan of Noelle as character, I usually don’t mind Tsundere, but she is like the queen of all of them, there isn’t a episode where she doesn’t display her tsundere side and that can be really annoying, but I’m still looking forward to see where she will go with her power, cause if I can find Noelle annoying, I want her to prove to her siblings what she is worth for and I have to say that she can only achieve with being with the Black Bulls.

My Hero Academia, Season 3
Episode 52 – Create Those Ultimate Move


After a break last Saturday, the show is back with a new arc which is the provisional hero license exam, I’m really looking forward the exam but that’s for next week. In this week episode 1-A have to find an ultimate move a move that no one can copy, at least that’s what I got from cause while they were giving explanation I was more concentrate on the background song (song: title “Kibasen” from the 2nd OST), anyway Deku struggle to find his own move and All Might try to give him some hint, we finally see All Might acting like the mentor e should have been from the beginning. When Deku finally realized the meaning behind All Might word, I felt like a proud mommy and I cried of joy…
So next week, it’s the beginning of the provisional license test and I can’t wait to see in action the new characters…

Free! Dive to the Future
Episode 1 – Sprouting Dive Start

©Kyoto Animation

Free! was /is one my “must watch” show this season, I’m just so happy to see my pin-up swimming boy back with the old cast and additional character. Haru and Mako are now leaving in Tokyo and both attend university but not the same, however Haru is not alone since Asahi is back in the show (that kid grew up so fine) and Seijuro Mikoshiba is also there. Since it’s the first episode we still don’t have the usual drama/competition going on even if we got a hint about who will be the main rival, so I will just talk about my favorite moment of the episode which the parallel race featuring Rin and Haru, there are not in the same country, both we see them swimming in the same time which was great to see. At the end of the race both looked at the lane next to them half expecting seeing the other in it.

Angel of Death
Episode 2 – Your Grave Is Not Here

©J.C Staff

So the main point of the show seems to be that Rachel want to died but Zack the slasher boy just want to the fuck out of the building,a building where he did go by himself just to kill people..a simple guy with simple need, so he make an arrangement with Rachel, if she help him he will kill her. Simple right, it look so simple that I feel like there something else hiding which make me really curious so I will continue to watch it to see how this will end. Rachel is really like a doll without any emotion, my guess is she had some big trauma in her life and she remembered a lot of it in the first episode so now she just want to die.
Regarding the episode itself, that new character laugh is really creepy, it remind me of the first Conjuration but with The Orphanage boy *shiver* good thing I liked both movie.

Cell at Work!
Episode 2 – Scrape Wound

©David Production

We got an adorable mummy and now we have really cute platelets… those cute little thing work so hard that it make me feel bad, I tend to not always pay attention to what I’m doing at work and I scratch myself on regular basis, I promise to be more careful. I was watching the episode I and couldn’t stop thinking about the massive bruises I have just above my knee.
With this second episode I really feel we will have something new in each episode, I mean there is a lot of way germ can enter and attack our system after all.


This is the series what I watched this week, I didn’t bother watch the second episode of Thousand Musketeer, the idea seems interesting but I’m not curious enough to watch two more episode just to see what the show has to offer.
I feel like this gonna be my final watch list, which I think is a decent size, I don’t think I need more and I don’t feel like looking for more unless Sirius the Jaeger magically appear on Netflix.

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