Hi everyone!
Today is the 30th days of the Sport Anime Challenge and also the last day!

For the last day, I will share with you a sport anime crossover I would like to see

A lot of sport anime fellow the same line, main protagonist not so good at his post join a okay team or underdog team and with help of the second lead and the rest of the team manage to get the team on the top.

When you read this description you probably had some series in mind, however not all series could work together unless you have a cast like the two series I have in mind

Haikyuu!! and Kuroko’s Basketball.

haikyuu and Kuroko's basketball

Both series have one main character too small for what they to do, I dream to see Hinata and Kuroko together or funnier Kise and Oikawa since both share a similar personality trait.

I easily see them meeting on a beach training or something like that, that would be hilarious.

As I said in the introduction this is the last day, hope you had fun following me during this challenge, I have an other challenge in mind, but I will wait a little before starting it.

~ Thank you for Reading ~

4 thoughts on “Sport Anime Challenge Day 30 – Sport Anime Crossover You Would Like to See

  1. Congratulations on finishing the challenge. It was great following along and seeing your picks (given you are a lot more into sport anime than I am I learned a lot while following along). Thanks for sharing.

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