Hello Everyone!
Welcome to this new edition of this really hot challenge!

Today on my side of the world, we will talk about our favorite male character from a romance anime

Romance anime are not my favorite genre, if I look at the number of that genre I watched, there is only one title, a RomCom with a really related lead female character… so my pick for today is obviously coming from that one anime

Fujimoto Kazuomi

(The Recovery of an MMO Junkie)

I could have go with Sakurai or Kowai, but nope picking the one people might not even remember the name.

Don’t ask me why I like him, cause other the fact that he is one cute megane I don’t really have a really deep reason.

He is the time of guy everyone should have around them, he is mature and can keep secret so if you live a double life you can tell him and you can be sure no one will no it about.


Hello everyone~! So, today is all about that romance! 😀 The thing about romance is that there are so many Animes out there, throughout a lot of genres which has romance on it! So… It ended up being a little difficult top pick just one. But, after a lot of searching and deciding I went with:

Hazuki Ryosuke from Natsuyuki Rendezvous

Hazuki Ryosuke Natsuyuki Rendezvous .jpg

It’s funny that if I never started with the Random Anime Reviews I wouldn’t have met the character I decided to went with in this challenge 😛

To be honest, when it comes to looks, Hazuki is not really my type. I normally like guys who are more tidy up. However, Hazuki goes into the slack category really fast. You can see easily that he is not someone who really thinks a lot about his looks. However, he ends up being cute in a lot of different scenes throughout the Anime. You end up seeing someone who’s just cute and handsome in his raw, natural look which is not really for everyone!

Hazuki Ryosuke gif.gif

I really respect Hazuki. I think that one of the hardest things anyone could have to pass while trying to start a new romance with someone is being able to see the ghost of the deceased husband of the girl/boy you are trying to get. I mean, think about it! Trying to kiss someone while having the husband looking at you.

Hazuki Ryosuke against ghost.gif

Well, I think Hazuki was able to do everything for the best and treat this kind of weird relationship in the best way. He also respects Rokka a lot. He tries not to be to pushy, although what he wants is to start dating her the fastest he could. So, yeah, for someone to be able to handle a ghostly husband and also respect the girl and move slowly because he knows she is still lingering in her dead husband means a LOT to me! 🙂

Hazuki Ryosuke smoking.gif


Really have the feeling Arth will win this one…oh well I can’t win them all right XD

So this was our pick for this this week, now it’s time for you to share with us your favorite male character from a Romance anime and vote for Art pick or my pick for this week!


As always make sure to look for Arthis post when it will come out!


~ Thank you for Reading ~



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