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Hello everyone!
Today I will talk about something I’m really excited about and the reason why you saw me posting about this series twice in the same month (now third with this present post).

Sometimes ago, the Studio GoHand announced they would be releasing movie(s) related to K I got really excited and even more excited when it was announced as seven movie and that some would be adaptation of either manga or light novel.

For those you are not aware, the K franchise doesn’t stop at two anime series (K-Project, K: Return of King) and one movie (K: Missing King), the K franchise include several light novels (that I dream to see translated one day) and mangas, living in an era where you can find pretty much everything online, I managed to be able to read the manga scanlation, however I would much prefer to own them.

In this post, I will talk about the different movies and what you should find in it, keep in mind that I only read the manga, I have yet to find the translation of the novel and from what I know some of the movie not gonna be an adaptation of a light novel or manga, they will be original.

K Seven Stories R:B ~BLAZE~

K: Seven Stories 1st Movie Promotional Poster

Release Date: July 2018

Promotional Video

The first movie from K: Seven Stories, gonna be an original presenting new characters, from the promotional video, we can guess that this happen some years before the event of K, the first anime season, since Tatara Totsuka is still alive and Fushimi is still part of Homra. I have the feeling that this movie will show us the first time the Red King, Suoh Mikoto, and the Blue King, Munakata Reisi, met. I know that Mikoto awaken as a King before his twenties and he was already King when Munakata awaken.
Since it’s an original I can’t wait to see this one, from the PV alone the fighting will be great.

K Seven Stories SIDE:BLUE ~Like Sirius~

k: Seven Stories 2nd Movie Promotional Poster

Release Date: August 2018

Promotional Video

This movie will be adapting part of the light novel, K Side: Blue, you can also find reference of it in the manga K: Days of Blue. It will feature some new characters, Kusuhara Takeru, who seem to be the younger of Scepter 4. Habari Jin, we all know the name , or should know, since he was the previous Blue King, and one that I can’t put any name on since he doesn’t seems to be listed anywhere.
From the name alone we can assume this movie will be mainly focus on Scepter 4, since I know a little bit about Takeru cause he is mentioned in the manga K: Days of Blue, I’m kind of looking forward to see him in action.


K Seven Stories SIDE:GREEN ~The Overwritten World~

K: Seven Stories 3rd Movie Promotional Poster

Release Date: September 2018

Promotional Video

The 3rd movie will be focus on the Green Clan, Jungle, and its King and the clansmen, since it’s base on the light novel and can’t say much about the story itself, however looking at the promotional video, I feel like it will be the story of how they came to join the Green Clan cause so far that what the manga, K: Dream of Green, is about. Maybe we will even see how Goujo Sakuna became one of the top clansmen of the Green Clan. Since the Green Clan is one of my least favorite, okay the Green King is an angel beside the Colorless King, I’m not in a hurry to watch this one even if I know Sakuna fight will be great to watch.

Seven Stories Lost Small World ~To the Other Side of the Cage~

K: Seven Stories 4th Movie Promotional Poster

Release Date: October 2018

Promotional Video

The 4th movie is THE ONE I’m looking forward the most to. It will be focus on Fushimi Saruhiko and Yata Misaki background story, from the first time the met in middle-school until the moment Fushimi defect the Red Clan to join the Blue Clan leaving Yata and a lot of misunderstanding behind. The manga K: Small Lost World is the reason why I came to love Fushimi more. I loved him in the series cause of his twisted side, but the manga shown me a young man who got mentally abused by his father and ignored by his mother.
I’m so excited to watch this one… even if Fushimi’s father will appear in it.

K: Seven Stories Movie 5 – Memory of Red – Burn

K: Seven Stories 5th Movie Promotional Poster

Release Date: November 2018

Promotional Video

This 5th movie, will cover the event as seen in the manga K: Memory of Red which is focused on the Red Clan, I really enjoyed reading the manga even if from the beginning I knew how it would end and I know I will enjoy the movie for the same reason mainly cause I will just be really happy to see Tatara Totsuka alive, walking around and being the lay back character that he is. In the anime we only see flashback of him so it’s hard to have a grab onto the kind of character that he is. Of course I want to see young Mikoto and how some of the member came on board since the movie should talk about that too.
I already know I will cry in this movie cause Totsuka death always made me cried, not matter the number of time I read the manga.

K Seven Stories Circle Vision ~Nameless Song~

K: Seven Stories 6th Movie Promotional Poster

Released Date: December 2018

Promotional Video

I would really like to tell you that I perfectly know what the 6th movie’s gonna be about but that would be a big lie…I have not damn clue. I can’t even tell you when in the timeline it will happen since we see the previous Colorless King (the one before the series) but we also saw Fushimi wearing is Scepter 4 uniform casually chatting with Yata which happen after the end of K: Return of King. Plus that new character… my guess is, I can be totally wrong, that the general storyline of the movie happen after the Dresden Slate got destroyed and that new characters is somehow related to it and the reason why we see character who are already death before the beginning of K is because of flashback other character have…
Since I’m really curious about this one, I can’t wait to see it and have some answer, who knows maybe we will finally know where the Dresden Slate come from ( and don’t tell me Germany please) and who create it…even if I have one crazy theory about it.

K: Seven Stories – The Idol K


Release Date: July 2018


This is like an idol anime series, but with K characters…to be honest my only reason to watch it is to hear Fushimi singing and dancing…
So this is what you can expect to see in the movie, as I said I base my guess on the Promotional Video and what I already know from the manga, the only one that I’m pretty much sure of what will happen in is the 4th movie.



With one or two exception, Im looking forward the movie and I hope Viz Media will released them one by one and not way for all the movie to be released.

Are you looking forward to see the movie? Which one you are the most curious about?
Let me know in the comment box below

~ Thank you for reading ~

Fushimi Saruhiko - K

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