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Hi Everyone!
It’s the last Thursday of July, which mean it’s time for a new TBT with Mel, me your host.

First gonna take the time to thanks everyone who participated this time, great posts has been shared.

MANGA VS. ANIME: FLYING WITCH by Matt (MattDoyleMedia)
In this post, Matt compared the manga version and the anime version of the series Flying With, I haven’t read or watch the series, however in general I like this kind of post cause it show the difference between the two mediums might have.

Planetarian โ€“ ONAโ€™s Done Right by Jon Spencer (Jon Spencer Reviews)
For this month, Jon share with us his review of the Original Net Animation, Planeterian, I never hear about this short prior reading the review and while it’s not the type of series I would normally go for, Jon review convinced me to add it to my watch list, now I just have to look for a place to watch it legally.

Strengths of Science Fiction Media (and why I love it) by Scott (Mechanical Anime Reviews)
We all know Scott for his love of the Gundam franchise and other science fiction anime series, in this post he tell us why he love the genre and that his love for it doesn’t stop to the anime.

In this post, Raistlin review the animated series Castlevania, series based on the game of the same name.
He did it once again, Raist manage once again to make me add a title to my anime watch list, this pretty much always happen when I read his review. Now next time I will go on netflix I will click on the title.

[OWLS Blog Tour] Reason Living: Kei Okazaki by Zel (ARCHI-ANIME)
In September the OWLS tour prompt was Treasure and to explore it, Zel look at the character of Kei Okazaki from the visual novel game Collar x Malice, and his reason of living (and dying).

Topic Tuesday-Sometimes At Best Anime Endings Are A Little Bittersweet by KAWAIIPAPERPADAS
The title is pretty self-explanatory, in this post, the author explore the reason why bittersweet ending can be best anime ending.

This was all the submission I received for the month of July, once again I wanna thanks everyone who participated, I discovered some great post and re-discovered others.

I will made a proper announcement when the time come, but you can still start looking at the posts you published in August 2017 for (that’s hilarious it wasn’t intent to be like that) the next TBT with Mel which will be held the last Thursday of August.

~ Thank you for Reading ~

16 thoughts on “TBT with Mel | September 2017

  1. I enjoy seeing this every time ๐Ÿ™‚ Great posts submitted too!

    Glad I could convince you with mine to try something you normally wouldn’t. Always fun to branch out and try a new thing. Hope you manage a way to watch it!

    Hmm, an August post. I’ll have to start lookn’ though those, and yes, that’s funny how it lined up!

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