Hello everyone!
It’s me, Mel!

We are now at the 4th week of the Summer 2018 anime season and I can finally confirm that I watch the 1st episode of all the series I will or plan to watch this season since the 3rd season of Attack on Titan finally started.

So here the Watch List

  • Angel of Death
  • Attack on Titan, Season 3
  • Black Clover
  • Cells at Works!
  • Free! Dive to the Future
  • My Hero Academia, Season 3

*** This post contain spoilers ***

Angel of Death
Episode 4, A Sinner Has No Right of Choice

angel of death, episode 4
© J.C Staff

New Floor, New Psycho
On this new floor we meet Cathy and I will side with Zack and said that’s a crazy bitch and need to die. While I like the floor, it give me a “SAW” vibe, I don’t like the judge, she is just annoying and sightly over the top.
The series continue on the creepy feeling with the wooden doll, the background music certainly help to had to the atmosphere.
In this episode Rachel and Zack are playing a deadly escape room game and while I know they will most probably get out of the twisted floor, I’m still curious on how it will go since they were trapped in a room with nothing else to breath than poison gas, Rachel doesn’t seem to go very well and I feel like Zack will have to use his head for once.

Attack on Titan, Season 3
Episode 38, Smoke Signal

Attack on Titan, Episode 38
© WIT Studio

From the PV I felt like this season will be good and if the 24 coming episode are on the same level as the first episode of the 3rd season we will have an epic season.
First the opening makes me think the season will be more focus on the political side of the story, I don’t read the manga but my best friend does and she told me how mess up the politic and the King was.
The episode open with the Scout recruit (Eren and friend) in an isolated house, nothing is really said about why they have to hide, but if you connect the dot you can see the big picture of what is coming.

Black Clover
Episode 42, Underwater Temple

Black Clover, episode 42
© Studio Pierrot

With Noelle being able to control her magic, Black Bulls squad can get to the Underwater Temple. After a rough trip they reach their destination where they are weirdly welcomed…like it was too warm it need to hide something.
This weird feeling was confirm when the Underwater citizen told them they would be happy to talk to them again if they manage to get out of the Temple alive.
What should have been an easy mission became a battle royal against talking sea creature summoned by the High-priest of the temple.
In the next episode we will probably get some interesting fight and once again Asta will probably pull of some amazing trick…

Cell at Work!
Episode 4, Food Poisoning

© David Production

I guess that since I don’t eat seafood I’m safe from all those bacteria and parasites. Once again we have an other episode with a shit load of information about how the human body work, but I will remember none of it tomorrow. While I kind of enjoy the educational side of the show, I could do without all the explanation given.
White Cell 1146 was amazing always until he gets blow away and completely useless against the parasite, good thing the pinky girl was there (see there is no point to tell me which kind of cell they are I already forgot their name).
New episode we will learn what happen when the pollen allergy kick in.

Free! Dive to the Future
Episode 3 – First Swim in Another Country

Free! Dive to the Future, Episode 3
©Kyoto Animation

While we have some shoot from the boy in Japan, this episode is mostly focused on Rin in Australia.
Rin meet Natsuya, Ikuya big brother, and Rin learn more about Ikuya and what happened after his race against Haru when they were in middle-school. I can’t help but think that Rin will feel a little bit guilty about it, since he is the reason why Haru quite swimming.
This episode also give some hint about why Hiyori is so protective of Ikuya, the later drown after pushing himself too much and Hiyori saved him. If Haru meet Ikuya a lot of memories will come back (it’s already started since his time is not improving) and he might start to push himself which Hiyori want to avoid. I also feel that Hiyori keep an eye on Ikuya cause Natsuya asked him to do it.
In the next episode we will be back in Japan and Makoto, Haru and Asahi will try to met with Ikuya while Hiyori is not around and somehow I feel like it’s not a good idea…

My Hero Academia, Season 3
Episode 54, Shiketsu High Lurking

My Hero Academia episode 54

Provisional exam continue and while the student of the other school realize the UA student are stronger than what they were in the Sport Festival, we meet a lot of other strong quirks.
Talking about other student, I saw a lot of comment about Camie putting Toga to shame…now I wonder if those people actually paid attention to how Camie was acting toward Deku…
Next episode, the exam will continue, more student will fail, but the real question is which UA student will succeed, between you and me I doubt that we will get the answer in the next episode.

This some of my thought about the series I’m following for the Summer season 2018, the next edition will be most probably published next Monday (not the one that is coming but the other) since I will not be home for the weekend.

Did you watch any of those series?
What did you think of it?
Let me know in the comment section below..

~ Thank you for Reading ~


8 thoughts on “Mel is Watching | Summer 2018, Week 4

  1. My Hero Academia is the only show on this list im following. Im surprised by how much I like it up to this point. I thought I was done watching these type of shows with multiple seasons but I guess not. I just love all the designs and how each character has their own feel.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. And the series is far to be done, they already have enough material to make an other season, I just hope they will not wait too much before presenting it cause I really liked that arc.
      One of the thing I like about the show is the fact that also show the human side of it, they show they strength and weakness.
      All Might is presented as the number 1 hero, but this doesn’t mean that he is invincible.


  2. Attack on Titan’s opening episode for this season was very good. I absolutely loved it. Yes, it felt different but in a good way, and as you say if the rest of the season is like this one, we are in for an epic run.
    I don’t know if I will be continuing Angels of Death though…as much as I liked the first episode, right now for me at least it just isn’t as creepy anymore as it was (although the wooden dolls were a bit sinister).

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Those dolls were creepy af like the way their eyes light up and how their head was moving *shiver*
      I would get why people would drop this one, for now it look like the walkthrough of a game, but I want to believe it will get better in the second half. I feel like the first half just introduced the character and the floor and after, hopefully, we will get a story less predictable.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Well..seeing as there is very little remaining to replace it with and 4 episodes in is already a lot, I am thinking that I will stick with it as well. With only one episode a week, it’s only a 24 minute investment anyway. I will keep my fingers crossed that the second part will get better too 😊😊


  3. I’m saving up some episodes of Attack on Titan so I can binge them. I just binged season 2 and I suspect that I will be frustrated if I’m gonna try and watch it each week. So, yeah, saving it for later.

    Free! oh baby. Sousuke! Oh baby, baby, my bae. I have missed my bae. Well, I’m watching that weekly and so far so good. I mean, can it really be bad? It’s Free! after all.

    Other than this I am just watching Banana Fish and some dive anime I can’t remember the name of on Prime. Dudes in college who drink a lot of booze and throw their clothes off pretty much whenever and wherever. My kind of show.


    1. Yes save up Attack on Titan for binge watch… I know I can’t cause I like to torture myself by watching weekly but AoT is the type of anime that should be binge watched (ooh that could be an interesting blog post idea)


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