tbt with mel

Hello Everyone!
Tomorrow is the 1st of August, we soon gonna start a new month.

That’s also mean that I will start taking submission for the next TBT with Mel.

If you are new around here, let me first explain you what is the TBT with Mel.
It’s a little project I created after hosting the Jon Creator Showcase back in April of this year. Like the Jon Creator Showcase, TBT with Mel is a monthly event happening at the end of the month (last Thursday to be precise), however if the JCS take post written the month before the showcase month (i.e: for April showcase it was post written in March, the TBT with Mel is sharing post written before the very first showcase from January (2018). In other word I’m going backward in time and I make you read your older post, post you might even forgot that you wrote.

For this month the submission have to be written in August 2017. The submission period will be from the 1st of August until the 20th of August.
You can submit you posts on Twitter by tagging me (@melinanimeland) and don’t forget to add the hashtag #TBTwithMel to your submission!

One last thing…

Spread the word !!

Can’t wait to read your post!

~ Thank you for Reading ~

11 thoughts on “TBT with Mel | August Announcement

  1. I really think it’s great that you are doing this Mel: I know a lot of people appreciate it, and I am definitely one of them. Tomorrow I start being the host for the Jon Creator Showcase…so..I will be a bit busy (at least I think I will, usually that explodes), but will try and look up something to submit too. Good luck, and after I’m finished with todays reads (almost done) I will spread the word on Twitter for you 😊

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