Hi Everyone!
We are now at the last day of the challenge and also last day of this long-term collaboration with the great Arthifis.

For the last day we will share we you our Ultimate anime crush.

I know, my ultimate crush will be a surprise for no one, you can see my Ultimate crush pretty much anywhere on my blog and I never miss an occasion to talk about him.

Aomine Daiki

When Aomine was first introduce in the series, he was introduced as a jerk…like a real one who doesn’t seems to care about the sport he is playing just because he doesn’t have any rival, he is the strongest of his category and he knows it, and I have to say that I didn’t like him right away.

However more as the series was going, more I discovered stuff about him and I was seeing him under a new light. He doesn’t seem to care and look always bored but that just a mask, he turn like that cause he didn’t have anyone one around him who would guide him on the right path, since his started blooming in college, adults, the one who should have correct his bad behavior, let him do what he wanted, as long as he was making his team win everything was perfect. This continue when he get in high-school, participating to the practice once in a blue moon and arriving during the second or third quarter of the game. It’s only when he lost against the one that used to be his best friend that he start to realize how wrong he was.

He slowly began to change, cause he wanted to change, cause he knew that’s what he needed to get better. Aomine have one of the best character development in the series and just for that he need all the love and support.

Aomine is my ultimate crush and despite all the cuties I came across my love for him never diminish. I love seeing fanart of him on my timeline and he never fail to make me smile like an idiot.

Now it is time to let Arthis present you his Ultimate Crush.

This is it… The last post of this collab! Thank you Mel for doing this with me! It has been a lot of fun and it was a delight to get to know you better!

However, I’m pretty sure we will get around together in the future and write stuff and be perverts together, so It’s all cool! 😀

Now, for my ultimate crush. It wasn’t hard at all to know who I would choose. It’s funny, now that I look back my ultimate Anime crush is not really inside what you would call my “type”. Nonetheless, since the day I met him that I couldn’t just forget him! This is a place that will be hard to take out! Here it goes:

Shinichi Okazaki from Nana

Ooook, there are way too many things I have to explain. Yes, it’s true, he’s not athletic. He doesn’t really have much muscle. However, he ends up being that kind of thin that I love. As I always tell you, I do like guys who have some muscles, but it can’t be that much. A small definition is completely ok with me!

Then we have his blue spiked hair (yeah, not white, I know). However, his hair is just way too cool and finishes his overall look in a really nice touch. I also love when he has it down, like when he’s coming out of the bath or something like that. Don’t know why, but it just suits him… A LOT!

 His eyes are also completely out of this world. Yeah, you may say that there are way prettier eyes than his all over the Anime showbiz. However, few will have the expression he has. Shin is able to have eyes that show softness and hardship at the same time. It’s strange, but I love it.

But, let’s talk about the thing that I love most about his figure. His sense of style. Yeah, it’s more in the punk side. In fact, my boyfriend does not have any single earring or tatto…However, I just LOVE his piercings so much! Specially the one which is connected from his ear to his lips. It just screams coolness and I couldn’t be happier for the creators adding this nice touch. Then, there’s the lighter. I love it! I want to buy one for me! That’s all!

However, no man can be my ultimate crush without a nice personality. Well, Shin haves just that. He remembers me a little about my younger self. He is young, 16 to be exact. But, you can clearly see that he has the maturity of someone way older. I love guys like that! He ends up giving nice advice to the other characters and is one that do not really put himself inside other people’s business.

Nevertheless, even with the hardships he has crossed and the sorrow he has inside him, he ends up being really cute (specially to Hachi) and he’s a positive person. I can’t count the times my heart melt when I saw him in the more cute self.

Concluding, Shin is the ultimate guy and the ultimate crush! Never I wanted to have a character from Anime in real life so hard as I want him! 😛

This is the last day of the challenge, hope you had fun following us each week. In a couple of day, the winner of the most perverted Blogger between Arthis and me will come out keep an eyes out for it

for now you can still vote for either Aomine or Shinichi also don’t forget to let us know who is your all time ultimate crush 

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