Hi Everyone!!
Welcome back to a new edition of Mel is Watching.
Like the usual post, today I will talk about the different episode I watch from the series I’m following for the Summer season 2018.

But before let’s take a look at the watch list,

  • Angel of Death
  • Attack on Titan
  • Black Clover
  • Cells at Work
  • Free!
  • My Hero Academia

** This Post Might Contain Spoilers **

Angel of the Death
Episode 5 – Don’t Let Me Kill You Just Yet

Angel of Death episode 5
©JC Staff

I was secretly hoping for the their weird duo to get out f that floor in that episode, cause I can’t stand that girl…Instead we got a nice background story for Zack, I say nice but of course it’s not filled with rainbow and flowers, it’s more blood and death bodies, now I’m gonna patiently wait for Rachel background story.
In this episode we also have seem to have a slight change in Zack, I feel like his anger might be toned down and he might become a little bit more rational….at least. Guess we will see in the next episode. Another the change I notice, is that now I have less the feeling to watch a walk-through guide for a game and more the feeling to watch an actual anime.

Attack on Titan
Episode 40 – Old Story

Attack on Titan Season 3, episode 40
© WIT Studio

Between a season full of Titan and a season digging the political world the series universe, my brain probably prefer the former.
It was an interesting episode where we learn what Erwin has in mind, in fact we learn a lot of stuff like Historia story and when she had to live under the name of Crista, it’s a tragic story that led to a lot of question without much answer. I had to ask a friend to spoil be a little cause I was really confused about that whole Fritz/Reiss thing.
Now the Scout are on the run cause of something they didn’t do and they have to rescue Historia and Eren, fun time ahead.
Little side note, Hange is just awesome this season, just love how they are they turning.

Black Clover
Episode 43 – Temple Battle Royal

Black Clover episode 43
© Studio Pierrot

Battle Royal begin, Yami is sad cause he can’t take part of it, I was sad to until I meet with the priest grandson who is quite strong, however Asta is a quick learner and manage a few strike that it the target. The battle was going well until the Eye Midnight Sun or whatever their name is come and join the party, I could really do without them for a little bit longer.
In the next episode, I feel like we will see how Lucky and Magna became friend and the priest and the black bulls might have to team up to fight the Eye Midnight Sun…

Cells at Work
Episode 5 – Cedar Pollen Allergy

Cells at Work!, Episode 5
© David Production

I use to have autumn allergies, thankfully I don’t have them anymore and that’s probably makes my cells happy.
Even if the overly cute platelets wasn’t part of the episode, this is one of my favorite so far, I could related to what was happening “the beginning of the end of the world” hell yeah that’s how I felt when I had my allergy.

Episode 4 – Interference of Loss

Free! Dive to the Future, episode 4
© Kyoto Animation

Hiyori is the type of character I like, but in this episode I wanted to kill him, not cause of what he said cause he is kind of saying the truth (even if there is more than only that), but cause of the way he said it. Word can be a very powerful weapon that can destroy someone. He said Ikyuka is delicate, Haru is also delicate in his own way that is why Makoto worried about him and what Hiyori told Haru could have a destructive impact on him.
People can say whatever they want about Hiyori in the end it’s Ikuya who doesn’t want to see the guy, even if he doesn’t seem to be himself so sure about it.

My Hero Academia
Episode 55 – Class 1-A

My Hero Academia Season 3, Episode 55
© Bones

Here we are an other episode on the first part of the Provisional Hero Licence exam, this one is mainly focus on Todoroki “filler” fight, I say filler cause the fight doesn’t appear in the manga, and on Momo who is with Jirou, Tsui and Shoji, once again with have some filler cause that whole battle doesn’t appear in the manga, the IQ girl is an original character (same apply to Power Ranger Ninja who were taking on Todoroki)
While is mainly filler fight, I really don’t mind them cause they don’t only focus on Deku and Bakugo moment. Yes the two “bring” the class together by their action even if they are total opposite. Momo and Shoji used Deku as example for the reason why they acted like that.
With the way thing are going, I will like will at least have two more episode on the 1st part of the exam, then maybe 3 or 4 on the 2nd part and I can’t tell you more without going on the spoilers territory.



All the series I watched this week had great episode, Angel of death finally give us some change and Attack on Titan just mess with my brain.

Now time for a little announcement, next week to wait eagerly for the next edition of Mel is Watching and probably the one after too. While I might be able to watch anime through phone, I was told the place I was staying for my vacation will have Wifi, but don’t expect any post cause 1) I might be outside most of the time 2) not sure if I will be able to connect my laptop to the WiFi.

I doubt I will just put everything in the next one I will be able to publish, but if I don’t forget I might post my impression of Twitter.

So this is all for me for this week.

What did you watch?
Let me know about it in the comment below.

~ Thank you for Reading ~

4 thoughts on “Mel is Watching | Summer 2018, Week 5

  1. I completely agree with you about Angels of Death. It was a much better episode than the previous ones, and one that at least convinced me to keep watching this one. I’m actually glad that I stuck around, and did not give up 😊😊

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