Shipping, shipping is almost inherent to every fandom and you can find paring in any form of media. Book, TV series, movies characters are shipped together, member of a same group are paired to form a couple. The only thing that can stop a ship to exist is the imagination of the fans.

In this post, I will explore the different type of pairing, and talk about the toxicity it can bring among other problem.


Canon Or Not Is It Really Worth to Get Mad

There is various types of pairing/shipping, some are official and confirmed by the author, other are just created by fan.

Officials / Canon Paring

Kyo Sohma and Tohru Honda from the manga Fruits Basket
©Natsuki Takaya

The official or canon paring are the one confirmed in a story, the creator wanted it this way, they wanted the characters to be together like Kaneki and Touka from Tokyo Ghoul or Kyo and Tohru from Fruits Basket.

Non-Canon Paring

Makoto Tachibana and Haruka Nanase from Free! - Fanart
Unknown Credit

Some other paring are created by the fan, they are the non-canon one. In the non-canon pairing you can found popular or common pairing like Hide and Kaneki from Tokyo Ghoul (while it is true Hide had feeling for Kaneki, all the contend created for this ship are fan-made only) or Makoto and Haru from Free!. You have also rare pair like Sousuke and Makoto from Free! or Ushijima and Oikawa from Haikyuu!!. Lastly you have crack pairing, those are either extra rare or just weird like Mori and Ranpo from Bungo Stray Dogs (this one is for you Irina) Trying to find any kind of content for the crack pairing is almost impossible.

Fandom might a lot a different pairing since the only thing that can stop one to pair to characters (or thing) together is the imagination. However no matter which is your favorite, if they don’t ends together at the end of the story there is no point to get mad since the characters doesn’t belong to you in the first place

Creators Owes You Nothing

Tokyo Ghoul Re Chapter 125
© Sui Ishida

Cool a new series just came out and it have totally awesome (and handsome) characters who interact with each other like an old couple will do . However at the end of the series Handsome character A doesn’t end in couple with Handsome character B, THE ONE the fandom wanted. So what is the next logical thing to do? Send death threats to the creator….

I think you know what I’m referring to, it happen again last year and it will continue to happen cause some fan thing that have the right over a series since they are the one who made it popular, they are the one who keep watching/reading it, and seriously I just can’t understand this way of thinking, I don’t get why fan just can’t be happy. I know it’s not all the fandom/fans, I don’t want to generalize but I see it more often than it should have. The fan who sent death threats are over the top fan, who think they have the right over a character live and love relationship.
But I have some news for those fans, creators. owes. you. nothing…they can do whatever they want with their characters. It’s NOT your story, as a fan you should just be grateful they wanted to share THEIR story with us.
So next time you get mad about a pairing thinking about how pointless it is to waste your energy on something you have no control over, on something that doesn’t belong to you, on something someone was kind enough to share with you.

This doesn’t stop at fictional characters since some fan think it’s okay to ship member of a same group, boy or girl, together. While in a sense it can be tolerable, this tolerance stop when fan get angry when their dream pairing is broken once one of the two start dating in real life.

The Right of Dating

Collage picture of Taeyeon from SNSD and Baekhyun from EXO
©SM Entertainment

Of course this , for some reason, only apply to idol. When I was part of that beautiful fandom that is K-pop, I saw those kind of pairing more than once and like for the fictional characters, the human being also have sip name.

Some will find it cute, other will think it’s just plain weird, but all this stop when the fans are crossing the boarder and give their two-cent about a real relationship.

Few years ago, EXO member Baekhyun start dating SNSD member Taeyeon, if a lot of people congratulated them and wished them to be happy, other got made. You see some fan of EXO was pairing Baekhyun with an other EXO member, Chanyeol. But now that Baekhyun was dating this ship was broken. That poor kid received hate message cause he apparently not only betrayed his fan but also Chanyeol, but also Taeyon was seen as the bad girl who broke the dream pair. After all that mess and countless hate message, both apologize (still don’t understand why) and ended-up breaking up.

If you think there is nothing wrong with that, think again. Like for the creators, idol doesn’t owes you anything, you, as a fan, have no right over their love live. Of course dating is already not accepted well since Idol , male or female, need to be free for everyone ( this is just bullshit coming from the agency), however even if your fave start dating, not matter who he date, you shouldn’t get mad at them. They have the right to be happy with the one they choose even if it’s not the one you would have chosen.

You can have you pairing, no one will stop you, but don’t be an asshole when your dream pair is broken, just be happy for the new couple.

All Opinion Matter, All Ship Matter

Sometimes a character can be shipped with a lot of other characters, however this character also have that one character that most of the people see together. There is also time where one character is hate and see as a “cockblocker” for an other pairing to happen. While you have the right to not like a character or a specific pairing for whatever reason, harassing those you like it is not right.
Everyone can have their opinion concerning a ship, they can like their favorite pairing as much as they one, no one will stop them, but if their love for that one pairing led them to hate all the other pairing to the point where they look down on everyone who do not think the same way as them, maybe it’s time for them to step away in find a new hobby like collecting stamps or dry flowers, cause this is clearly not for them, they will have high blood pressure and get a crime coefficient above 300.

This also apply to fan you try to shove their favorite pairing into the face of everyone, look I get to that you prefer this pairing, you have the right to like this one over an other one, but if I don’t like the same as you, don’t come at me trying to make me change my mind cause you will just have to opposite result. If you have the right to have a OTP I have the right to have my own OTP.

Final Thoughts

The shipping culture will forever be part of every fandom and like everything it will come with good side and bad side. If you want to survive in a fandom without having the feeling of being constantly attacked cause of what you like, when someone attack or harass you, try to ignore it. Don’t feed them by giving them ammunition against you. It’s gonna be hard, it’s against human nature to not protect what we like, but by going along with them it will just harm you more than it will harm them and they are not worth your energy. Just let them be and embrace the good side of it, read fanfic, look for fanart, exchange about your favorite pairing.



This post idea came to me not long after the third season of Free! Start and I still had in mind that whole mess that happen with Hide/Kaneki/Touka.
While I know I’m not perfect and I do have moment where I’m boiling after reading none-sense comment, I try to not let it affect me. I enjoy watch anime, like reading manga, I do have my favorite pairing, but you will never see me going at someone telling bad stuff about them. My pairing makes me smile and it’s the only thing that really matter at the end. I much rather putting my energy on stuff that I like than hating people who doesn’t think the same as I think.

What do you think of the shipping culture?
Let me know in the comment section below

~ Thank you for Reading ~


12 thoughts on “Your Ship, My Ship, Our Ship

  1. People can get a little OTT with their OTP, can’t they? Honestly, there are plenty of characters that I ship, some canon, some not, but at the end fo teh day, that’s jsut beause it’s fun to consider the characters that way. If the story doesn’t go that way, that’s fine. The eky is to jsut enjoy what we enjoy without it becoming a hassle for others.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I’m going to admit I hate the term ‘ship’.
    That said, there’s a lot of fun in imagining various characters getting together, whether they do or don’t in the actual source, and discussing it with other fans can be great fun. Certain members of the community regularly take this too far and the most recent Ichigo/Zero-Two blow up is probably a great example of why a lot of people find the shipping culture toxic. People should definitely just enjoy what they enjoy and if the character they like doesn’t end up with the person they want, they can always write their own fan fiction and ‘fix’ it without harassing the actual creator.


    1. I rather the term “pairing” but “ship” was going well for the title.
      The whole Ichigo/Zero two drama could be a most on is own, I’m already thinking about the toxicity of the anime community and the unnecessary hate voice actor, writer can receive.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. People definitely can be crazy over who they insist is the OTP! I admit as to being disappointed before over who the final pair is, but sometimes I think the author is to blame for not developing the final couple as well as the other, shipteased couple. That can be a valid complaint since it’s about the work itself. But threats are never okay, and getting upset about real life couples is just ridiculous.

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  4. Personally, I find shipping a bit of a prickly situation since I owe my fandom start to a fairly vicious fandom when it comes to ships – Detective Conan – because quite a few characters have a “one true love” in that series, but then the fans ship who they want anyway like you’ve described. It’s to the point where I developed the rule of thumb that I only shipped canon couples and still stick to that most of the time today (because often it /is/ canon couples that make me genuinely happy, plus it’s the least intrusive option for other shippers), although I’ve loosened it over the past few years due to how gung-ho most fandoms I’ve been in are about same-sex non-canon couples.

    Honestly, I’ve never understood why people send death threats etc. over this sort of stuff. A little respect for the creators and other people in the fandom goes a long way.


    1. When it come to m/f couple I tend to go with the canon one.
      Ran and Shinichi belong together, Heiji and Kazuha belong together, those kid have clearly a relationship that goes beyond the simple childhood friendship. Did I read dj with Shinichi and Magic Kaito? yes I did do I ship them together? no cause I much prefer the cute and canon relationships that Shinichi and Ran have.
      People can ship whoever they want together as long as they don’t get mad at the creator if it doesn’t go the way they want.
      That said do I ship Deku with Bakugo or Todoroki, yes but I will admit that I would rather see him have an happy ending with Ochako.


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