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Hello everyone!
It’s me Mel!

Welcome back to another edition of TBT with Mel, for this month I was looking for post written in August 2017. I received great and interesting submission for this month.
Let’s check them out!

Friday’s Feature: From Horror Creature to Character – The Question of Zombies by Karandi (100WordAnime)
Karandi always come p with interesting idea for their Friday Feature, in this one, they take a look at the zombie in anime and how zombie are not always the brainless bloodthirsty creature hollywood present us.

Edogawa Rampo – How Rampo Kitan Inspired Me to Read a Japanese Classic by Jon Spencer (Jon Spencer Reviews)
One of the first manga series that I start to buy, was Detective Conan, which push me to read some of Edogawa Rampo story. When Jon submitted me this post, I was happy cause I really enjoy reading it the first time. In this post, Jon talk about how the anime series Rampo Kitan made him read some Edogawa story, he also give his thought about the story he have read.

割れたリンゴ(Wareta Ringo)/Broken-off Apple [Eng lyrics] by Moyatori (The Moyatorium)
This is the very first post Moya publish on her blog, while the blog grew a lot since then, it’s nice to have a look at a post written in the very beginning of the Moyatorium. In this post, the author offer us the english translation of one her favorite ending.

Topic Tuesday-Do You Think It’s Possible To Narrow Down Anime Series/Manga To A Favorite Top Ten? by KawaiiPaperPandas
In this post, the author ask the reader a deadly question for all anime viewers, “Is it possible to make a top 10 of anime or manga series?” it was an interesting read cause I know I can’t answer that question…at least for anime, manga it’s something else.

MY ART – A RETROSPECTIVE by Matt Doyle (MattDoyleMedia)¸
I know the ani-blogger Matt and the book lover Matt, but I didn’t knew the artist Matt and I’m really pleased to meet him. In this post, Matt share with us some of this artwork/doodle that he have made over the years until 2017.

Senpai Noticed Me: My Blogging Influences by Scott (Mechanical Anime Review)
I always enjoy getting to know more about the people forming the ani-blogger community and this is probably why I like this one. In this post, Scott share with us his influence inside and outside the anime community.



Thank you to everyone who submitted their post, it was great to discover older content from great ani-blogger.
Keep an eye on the next TBT with Mel, I will publish the announcement (an open the submission in the same times) on Saturday the 1st of September.

~ Thank you for Reading ~

7 thoughts on “TBT with Mel | August 2017

  1. Interesting to see what people were up to a year ago and to find some content I hadn’t seen before (and be reminded about some great posts). Thanks for sharing and thanks for including my post.

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