Hello Everyone!
It’s me Mel!

Welcome back to another edition of Mel is Watching, we are now at the week 9 of the Summer season.

The with the exception of the Thousand Musketeer that I dropped early in the season, I haven’t drop any other show, however there is one series that I might put on hold for the time the series ends (at least the current season). Before giving you my thoughts about the different series I watched last week, let’s give a look at the watch list

  • Angel of Death
  • Attack on Titan, Season 3
  • Black Clover
  • Cells at Work!
  • Free! Dive to the Future
  • My Hero Academia, Season 3


Angel of Death
Episode 9 – There is Not God in this World

angel of death episode 9
© J.C Staff

Someone should let J.C Staff know the quantity of blood an adult human body can hold, cause that poor Zack have been leaking for two episode now…I know anime but still, reason giving he is a monster, but he seems more human than Rachel.
In this episode Rachel start slowly to change, but i wonder if it will continue on that way since we might not see Zack in the next episode. I feel like that change in her character was only for that moment and she will go back to her usual blank self in the next episode. Unless the blind priest push her event more into a corner by telling her the sample truth about how she really is.

Attack on Titan, Season 3

Didn’t watch and not planning to watch as long as the episode end of cliffhanger, if I have to wait the end of the season to watch it, I will wait. Those cliffhanger are killing me….*sigh*

Black Clover
Episode 47 – The Only Weapon

Black Clover episode 47
©Studio Pierrot

I feel like doing a Black clover full review here cause this episode probably gave me what I hate and like about that show… so I will just say that they will still fight Vetto in the next episode….
Oh yeah the sweet moment from the screenshot was also worth it.

Cells At Work!
Episode 9 – Thymocyte

Cells at Work! episode 9
© David Production

A story of T Killer Cell and T Helper Cell but being me I only remember they finally fully introduced the cute megane of the show…thank you for that.

Free! Dive to the Future
Episode 8 – Metamorphosis of the Soul

Free! Dive to the Future episode 8
©Kyoto Animation

I was really looking forward this one for a lot of reason, first Haru swimming other thing that only freestyle, then we have Ikuya coming back “home” and finally Ikuya and Hiyori making up (not out sadly). The episode was truly beautiful not only for the visual, but for the character too. The relay race was magical and seeing Ikuya friendly teasing Asahi warmed my heart.
In the next episode, Rin will be back in Japan and I feeling they will introduce new characters.

My Hero Academia, Season 3
Episode 59 – What’s the Big Idea

My Hero Academia season 3, episode 59
© Bones

After a special episode that was mainly aiming to promote the movie we are back to the finally stage of the 2nd part of the provisional license exam. I like the it in the manga and with the special episode I fear that they would have to cut it, but it’s still do justice to the manga.
The main point of this episode I think was to show that event if they have a different about something, you can still work together. I know a lot of people talk about how Inasa back story wasn’t needed, but I think the opposite, we always knew how Shoto hated his father, but Inasa backstory show us a Todoroki that act like his father, in other word Shoto became the thing he hate and we know it cause of Inasa back story.
Once again, thank to Midoriya who without doing much just kick some sense into Todoroki and Inasa making them realize that arguing on the battlefield wasn’t the brightest idea.
Next week gonna be really interesting…really interesting.


Gonna use this time to make a little announcement, I much as I like watching anime weekly, I realize that a lot of theme end on cliffhanger. The summer season was interesting, I didn’t watch a lot of show, but most of them are better when they are binge-watched. This mean that the Summer season would be the last season where I share my thought about the seasonal series.
“Mel is watching” will still continue, but only with series that finished airing, which mean that I will not published the post weekly, but only when I will feel like giving you an update about what I’m watching and where I’m at in the series. This will also help me to reduce my Plan to Watch list a little, and I will gain more time for other stuff.
So it’s the not the end of “Mel is Watching” I’m just taking a new direction.

~ Thank you for Reading ~


4 thoughts on “Mel is Watching | Summer 2018, Week 9

  1. You are so right about Zack…I’m thinking that he has so much blood that he must in some way get blood transfusions by invisible tubes we don’t see😂😂 That said, I did like this week’s episode quite a lot!
    I understand what you mean by the seasonal anime and the cliffhangers. I only started watching seasonal anime this year, but that’s pretty much because I love the interaction with everyone 😊 Still…am currenlty bingewatching Violet Evergarden, and it’s just nice to know that I can finish the series without having to waiting for a whole week 😊

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