Hello Everyone!
Welcome back to a new edition of Mel is Watching!

The summer season is almost done, which mean some of the series will be over too.

By now I’m pretty sure you know what I’m watching, so we gonna skip the watch list…

** Attention Spoilers **

Angel of Death
Episode 10 – The Witch Trial Shall Start

Angel of Death, episode 10
©J.C Staff

I will just say that I was hella confused at the end of the episode, I would like to know what this show is trying to do, like really. We seems to have a major change in Rachel character, but in the same time she remain the same. She still continue to act the same way she was acting before while denying that she is not what they think. Danny try to give some clue about what Rachel might be (I doubt she is a witch) but the “Father” cut him before, so I guess this will be unveiled later. Now for the next episode, I think Zack will come a save the princess cause he is Rachel’s God…

Attack on Titan

I’m 3 episode late, thanks to the back to back cliffhanger. I know I could watch it now cause the latest episode doesn’t end on a one, but I feel like more is coming so I will put it on hold until the end of the season.

Black Clover
Episode 48 – Despair vs Hope

Black Clover, episode 48
© Studio Pierrot

The fight against Vetto still continue and will continue until the next episode, however it’s been a while that I haven’t been excited for a Black Clover episode.
Hopefully the will give us some more element to keep me interested and change my mind about the next season, cause yes it has been announced that Black clover will continue pass the 51 episode announced and I wasn’t sure if i would keep up with it, but this episode and the next might help the series a little bit.

Cells at Work!
Episode 10 – Staphylococcus Aureus

Cells at Work! episode 10
© David Production

I have nothing to say about this particular episode, we had cute platelets moment, red cell getting in trouble and the star of the day is the Macrophage or Monocyte (depending of their role).

Free! Dive to the Future
Episode 9 – Interval in the Evening Calm!

Free! Dive to the Future, episode 9
© Kyoto Animation

Meet Albert Wåhlander from sweden, he is the record holder for the 100m and 200m in freestyle, the guy is fast…really fast his race was amazing so amazing that Haru hit a wall even if he gave is all.
The episode start nice with Asahi, Makoto, Ikuya and yup Hiyori celebrating Ikuya win, we have some soft moment with Ikuya holding Asahi nephew. We also meet the last Mikoshiba sibling, Isuzu, who badly want to race Haru but her brother Seijiro nice that she of to race him instead.
It could have been a magical episode… it could have but it wasn’t at least for Haru.
Now I’m really looking forward the next episode to see how Haru will react to his lost, even if it was a friendly race.

My Hero Academia, Season 3
Episode 60 – A Talk About Your Quirk

My Hero Academia Season 3, episode 60
© Bones

Provisional exam is done and most of Class 1-A pass, Deku I’m so proud of you little precious nerd, with the exception of two. While Todoroki fully understand why he failed, we can’t say the same about Bakugo. However the two can still pass another exam to get their license but they have to wait 3 months and attend to some special class. As you can guess this will be shown in the next season…at least I home cause with only two episodes left to the season they can’t squeeze everything into it…there is a lot of shit that will happen in between…a shit load of shit, get ready cause it gonna get intense.
So next episode it’s gonna be Kacchan vs Deku part 2, I think it gonna take most of the episode cause there will be some talking at the end…they will probably include the aftermath of the fight, then the last episode I feel like they will introduce some new student (I can’t tell who they are) plus the next villain (once again I can’t say it) if you are curious, I suggest you to read the manga…On last thing regarding the next season, something happen in it that didn’t happen yet.


So Attack on Titan is on hold until the end of the season, only two episodes left for My Hero Academia, three for Cells at Work! And Free!. Black Clover will continue, gonna take my decision about if I continue or not after the next episode. As for Angel of Death there is six episodes left…that’s a odd number for a series.

I haven’t really look at the Fall season series since I’m not planning to watch weekly, but I will probably look at what the other are watching to give me a little idea.

This is all for me for this edition of “Mel is Watching”, now time for you to tell me if you watched any of the episode above and what you thought about it in the comment section below.

~ Thank you for Reading ~


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