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Hello Everyone!
Welcome back to another TBT with Mel!

For the month of September I asked you to sent me submit me post written in July 2017 and now it’s time to take a look at what was submitted to me.

My Anime Justice League by Scott (Mechanical Anime Review)
In this post, Scott give is own spin to DC’s Justice League but with an anime touch. While I’m not fully familiar with DCU, I do know some of them and I have to admit that All Might would make a great SuperMan ! You can even share you own team in the comment section and I’m sure Scott would be happy to read it.

DOGMAN: FACT OR FICTION? by Matt (MattDoyleMedia)
I always been curious about strange and paranormal stuff. From haunted house to alien, passing by inexplicable events and cryptozoology is part of that. I know some mystical creature but before Matt post , I never hear about the Dogman, so if you are like me and is curious about this type of thing, give Matt’s post a read!

VRV – Worth It? by Jon Spencer (Jon Spencer Reviews)
US reader, this one if for you since VRV is only available in the US for now…maybe one day they will realize the market outside the US is as big…unless they don’t want to make money, anyway that’s not the point. The point is you should read this post if you are wondering if you should get a subscription for VRV or not. In this post Jon give the pro and the con of the service. Keep in mind the post was written in 2017 so thing might have changed since then.

This was the submission for this month TBT with Mel, thank you Scott, Matt and Jon for you submission! I really like reading them and I’m sure the other will too!

The submission period is not open yet,so keep an eye on the announcement, but you can can still start digging your archive for October TBT with Mel, if you do look for post written in June 2017!!

~Thank you for Reading ~

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