Hello Everyone!
Welcome back to another edition of Mel is Watching!
This week we have a lot of final in fact with the exception of two series, it’s all final season.

But before anything, let’s take a quick look at the status of each show

  • Angel of Death (“complete” I know there is still 4 episodes to come but I doubt I will ever be able to watch it)
  • Attack on Titan, Season 3 (On Hold until the end of the season)
  • Black Clover (Continuing)
  • Cells at Work! (final episode)
  • Free! Dive to the Future (final episode)
  • My Hero Academia, Season 3 (Final episode)

Black Clover
Episode 51 – Proof of Rightness

Black Clover, episode 51
© Studio Pierrot

When the Clover Kingdom doesn’t have to figure out what the hell the Midnight Sun is doing, they have to keep the Diamond Kingdom in check.
This time the Diamond Kingdom try to invade Kiten a city on the border (or close to) but of course this episode was also used to show us how powerful the Golden Dawn squad is, cause Yuno is part of it right plus the Captain is there so I feel like we will see him in action. Not gonna lie Willam Vengeance, Golden Dawn captain reminds me Litch a little…

Cells at Work!
Episode 13 – Hemorrhagic Shock part 2

Cells at Work! , episode 13
© David Production

This final really scared me, I really thought we will see the end of this world/body, thankfully they talk about blood transfusion and why it’s important to give blood. If it wasn’t of my anemia I would give alas I can’t
Our favorite Red Cell is way to nice I would have slap that kouhai to give her some sense, like she was totally planning to give up own her job and after that she dare saying she is one of the most competent…bitch please.

Free! Dive to the Future
Episode 12 – Dive to the Future

Free! Dive to the Future, episode 12
© Kyoto Animation

This was a nice episode really, even if it let me with a bittersweet taste. We had some great race, like Ikuya against his brother, we see a new threat and Haru finally screaming the pressure out, but that ending…come on!!! You build a series mainly of Haru and Rin rivalry but we can see the end of the race…what the hell is that KyoAni? Now we gonna have to wait two years before maybe seeing what race most probably in flashback.

My Hero Academia, Season 3
Episode 63 (62) – Unrivaled

My Hero Academia season 3, episode 62(63)
© Bones

This is the last episode of the 3rd season and while the season finale seems a bit off, it’s still make a great introduction for the one to come. But let’s keep what will/might happen in the season 4 for another post.
I was really happy to see Miro in the previous episode and Pervy Mel was even more happy to see him in this one. Mirio is one of my favorite hero ( Iknow he is not pro yet but he still have his provisional license). He is a lot like Deku in a sense that he just want to save people in need and work extra hard to achieve that, plus his quirk is pretty cool.

This was the last weekly post for “Mel is Watching”, don’t be too sad, I will continue to write those post, however they will be update of the different show that I’m will watch with some of my thought.

Did you watch any of those show above?
If yes what did you thought of the episode?
Let me know in the comment section below!

~ Thank you for reading ~


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