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Sunday 09/23/18

Monday 09/24/18

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Thursday 09/27/18

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The Watch List

  • Attack on Titan (on hold until the end of the season)
  • Black Clover
  • Free! Dive to the Future (Complete)
  • My Hero Academia, Season 3 (Complete)
  • Cell at Works (Complete)
  • Angel of Death (HAHAHA idk what to do with this one)

Hi Everyone!!
Hope you all got a great week!

End of september I have no clue what we will do with the stuck we received… we should start night shift for at least clear the pallet with brought on to the 2nd floor of the backstore. Plus we have another twos truck this week, it’s gonna be fun (not) YAY Christmas time in a toys store. Other than that I have nothing much to say.

Remember on October 1st (tomorrow)it will be Megane Day! so if you want to celebrate with me you just have to publish a post related to character wearing glasses or any related to that!
That’s all for me,

Wish you a nice week!

~ Thank you for Reading ~

***hey hey hey it’s my birthday today ***

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