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Welcome to the Megane Day 2018 Round-up!

For those who weren’t aware, every year in Japan artist and anime/manga fan celebrate on the October 1st (10-01 – look look it look like glasses!! cool right), the Megane day ( a megange is a character who wear glasses) and as an ani-blogger, I decide to also celebrate it. Artist celebrates it by drawing characters wearing glasses, but since I can’t draw ( I only pretend), I thought I could write a post related to megane character and invite other ani-blogger to do the same.

If last year, only one other blogger participated with me, this year I think we can say it was successful with the participation of seven bloggers and I really want to thanks them for their participation ^_^ and now it’s time to take a look at those post!!

The Multiple Strands of Competition in Prince of Stride: Alternative by Aria (The Animanga Spellbook)

Not only Aria give us a very interesting post on the various competition found in the series, and if people wonder how this post can be related to the Megane Day, just take a look at this guy 

MEGANE DAY 2018 by Raistlin

In his post for the Megane Day, Raist decide to present you the character of Maximilian Jenius from the series Macross or if you prefer Max Sterling from Robotech.

Nobuchika Ginoza: Those Who Can’t Bend, Break (Megane Day) by Irinda (I drink and watch anime)

Last year, she gave us a wonderful post on Miyuki from ace of Diamond, this year, she is back with a post on Nobuchika Ginoza from the series Psycho-Pass.

Celebrating Megane Day by Karandi (100 Word Anime)

Karadi saw in the celebration of the Megane Day, an opportunity to share with us her new favorite character wearing glasses since her last top is from 2016.

[Man Crush Monday]: Megane Day 2018! by Zel (ARCHI-ANIME)

She might not have post anything since a while, but my dear friend couldn’t let pass this occasion of talking about pretty boy. In her post, Zel share with us some of her recent favorite characters wearing glasses.

Why Wearing Glasses in Anime is Awesome (Scientific Thesis) by Scott (Mechanical Anime Reviews)

If you were looking for a reason why you like some characters wearing glasses, look no more Scott is there to tell you why.

Megane Day – The Lasting Memory of Maes Hughes by Keiko (Keiko’s Anime Blog)

When we think about character who wear glasses, it’s hard to not think about Hughes. Keiko wrote a beautiful post on one of the best anime dad. Just make sure to have tissue around.

and lastly, you can the post I wrote for the Megane Day on Hyori Tono here.

As you can see we had a lot of interesting post this year and I hope we will have as much or even more next year cause yes I will still celebrate it next year !!

~ Thank you for Reading ~

8 thoughts on “Megane Day 2018, Round-Up

  1. Thanks for the mention but mostly, thank you for hosting Megane Day. I’d never have thought to write such a post otherwise :’) This was a fun event to take part in! I’d love to do this again next year 😊

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  2. Thanks for including my post.

    I’m not sure if you know this, but there are 2 megane characters in the Honan Stride Team – Ayumu and Takeru – which is how it was my Megane Day contribution despite Takeru (my Twitter icon for the event and the one in your image) having his part cut from the post, so hopefully no one misunderstands that…

    Anyways, it was fun having a smaller event like this to look forward to.

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