I would normally say hello to everyone, but I will skip if for this time since this post is the second post I’m publishing from the tag “Create-a-Story” cause if you remember well, I said in the first post that I was tagged three times but since I suck at respecting short deadline, I never really came around to do it.

Lately I had some time to write fanfiction and this is one you will have the three tag the same day, plus I used this opportunity to make a three chapters story (I’m a clever girl) so make sure to have read the first one before reading this one. For first chapter/story I was tagged by Arthis, this time it’s Jack (The Aniwriter)

I know I should list the rules but I already did it in the first post, however I would direct you to the blog of the person who had that wonderful idea, Keiko and I will tag three more people

That Baka Blog
Merlin’s Musings
Lili’s Blissful Page

Mount Reunion

Fall, fall was Takao’s favorite season, his birthday was in fall and for a lot of people this could be an enough reason to enjoy the season, but Takao also love to see the leaves changing color. For him it was magical to gradually watch the leave passing from a vivid green to a warm red. The color he liked the most was orange since it was reminding him the color of his high school basketball club uniform.

Takao was slowly walking, following the trail leading him to the top of the mountain,each year in fall, Takao had come walking to the top of the mountain each week-end to visit the small shrine situated on the top. The people of the shrine was always happy to see him, offering him a warm tea each time and the black-haired was also happy to see them, occasionally helping them around to gather the wood or death leaves. Soon the mountain and the shrine became his peaceful island where he could stop thinking about his daily live and his enjoy his surrounding.

This week-end of November was like all the previous one, his birthday was approaching and he already knew him and his former teammate from high school would go out to celebrate the next week-end. It was sunny and kind of warm for the season. Takao was feeling good and light, his middle school student wasn’t making any trouble and they all seem to like him. Some even told him that he was their favorite teacher. Yes Takao was happy, happy the career his chose, happy to help those student, the headmaster even approached him to ask if he wanted to become the next coach of their basketball club. Just the thought of getting back on a court made Takao smile, even if he perfectly knew this will also bring back memories that he didn’t wanted to remember, despite that, Takao still accepted the headmaster offer. Takao was now a mathematic teacher and soon to be basketball coach for middle schooler. He was happy by his live, truly happy, happy even if he felt like his life was missing something…a significant other.

Takao never really stop to think about his love life, he didn’t really needed someone in his life, he was single and happy. He did had some date here and there, but nothing really serious. He always saw these date only once and never try to call them back nor they will. He was happy like that and for now that is the only thing that was really mattered to him at least that what he thought.

It’s with the smile that he reach the top of the mountain and walked to the shrine to see if the monk needed help. Passing the gate, he heard laugh in the back of the yard “they are happy today” he thought walking toward the laughing sound.

Getting closer, he hear that someone else was with them, someone who he felt he knew even if he wasn’t quite sure


Takao stop at this word, he couldn’t believe it, he didn’t want to believe it, only one person in the world that he knew was saying that.

“Shin-chan….” softly said Takao when he saw the tall green-haired the knees on the ground helping to get the small branches

Midorima turn his head


“Takao-sensei” happily said one of the monk “ it’s always a pleasure to see you”

“Haha I’m also happy to see you, I was just coming to see if you needed help, but you already have, I guess I will just go then” said Takao waving before walking back to the gate

The monks wasn’t sure what was happening cause soon as Takao walked away, Midorima jumped on his feet to run after the black-haired young man.

“Takao wait!!” he screamed

“Ah…Shin-chan… I… I have to go…I really have stuff to do…”

“Takao…I’m sorry…I” said Midorima cutting Takao

“No…it’s not your fault, you wanted to study abroad and “ counter Takao

“No…I mean I should have run after you that day” replied Midorima

“Even if you had run after me it wouldn’t have made a difference” sadly said Takao with tears in the eyes.

“It is truth that I would have still go study abroad, but I would have promise to come back and return your feeling” softly said Midorima.

Takao look at Midorima in the eyes, he had hard time to process what Midorima just said

“Return my feeling? You mean you also love…”

“Nanodayo~ “

Midorima took Takao head between his head and kissed his forehead

“I’m back Takao” said Midorima kissing Takao’s forehead for an other time

“Welcome back Shin-chan” replied Takao wiping off his tears.

The two men stayed a little bit longer on the top of the mountain, ignoring the smile of the monk behind them. They look at the different color surrounding them, enjoying their time together.

The sun started to set when they headed toward the foot of the mountain, at their respective car, they exchange phone number and address. Takao invite to come with him and the other for his birthday hangout, the tall green-haired accept the invitation with a smile.

Before getting in his car, Midorima caressed Takao soft lips with a kiss and promised him to call him tomorrow. Takao got in his car with the lingering feeling of Midorima lips on his and buried his head in his head. He looked at Midorima car getting smaller and then left the parking with the heart ready to burst of joy.

Midorima was back and he also loved him, that all Takao needed to make his life complete.

This was the second part/chapter/story there is a third one to come in about 30 mins so don’t go to far!!

~ Thank you for reading ~

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