This is the last story of a set of three, the last chapter, the last part. you can read the first one here and the second one here.
As the title say, this story was written for the Create-a-Story tag, tag create by Keiko and I was tagged by my dear friend Zel.

Like I did for the second story, I will not list the rules as you already them (I hope so since they are written in the first story post), but I will tag three people again…

Spooky Redhead
Let’s Talk Anime (hoping she sees it)
Ka-chan Anime Reviews

Concert of the Sea

Music, the gentle music played by the wave dying on the beach was as calming as the sound of rain.

Takao was walking on the beach looking at the horizon where the sea touch the sky, the sun was slowly setting, coloring the sky with purple, pink and orange. A light breeze was caressing his cheeks. He stopped letting the waves washed his feet, the water was tickling his toes then his ankles, he smile. He was having the time of his life, vacation at the beach, passing all day in the water while his boyfriend was watching him from afar under the umbrella and a book as company. Sometimes he was able to drag Midorima in the water with him.


Takao looked in the direction of the voice, his boyfriend was walking toward him with a basket and a blanket. The two have decide to made a little picnic on the beach and watch the sunset. Takao walked toward him and took the blanket from Midorima’s arm while stealing a quick kiss.
Which flustered the tall man a little. Even if it was him who initiate the kiss most of the time, Takao was able to surprise him from time to time which embarrassed him a little. But all those embarrassing moment meant nothing comparing to Takao’s smile.

Now Takao could say he was really happy, his life was complete. He had a job that he like and was living with the man he love. He couldn’t ask for more, he couldn’t dream of more. I knew he could never be able to marry the love of his live, but as long as no one was bothering them and let them live their lovey-dovey couple life, Takao was happy and if Takao was happy Midorima was also happy.

The couple found a spot where they wouldn’t fear to be disturbed and what the sun setting down. Takao layered the blanket on the sand. Midorima opened the basket and took out the food and the wine bottle with the glasses. They talk while eating, planned their next day, their next week while eating, listing to the concert given by the sea. Takao was grateful to have Midorima back on his side and thanked the sky every single day he was waking up warped in the arms of the tall green-haired.

“Say Shin-chan…”

“Hmmm” hummed Midorima passing his hand in Takao’s raven hair

“What if we just stay in bed tomorrow? I mean…we don’t have to go anywhere and just stay at the chalet.

“We could, but you are the one who wanted to visit the most while we were here” said Midorima lifting Takao’s chin to kiss his soft lips

“I know but…now I don’t feel like doing anything tomorrow” replied Takao burying his face in Midorima’s chest. “Shin-chan…” whine Takao

“Okay, tomorrow we are going nowhere and stay at the chalet” replied Midorima amused by Takao’s childish reaction.

“Shin-chan ~ “ chanted Takao

“Yes Kazunari”

“I love you~ ”

“I love you too”

Takao lifted his head and stretched out his neck to kiss Midorima and smile while resting his head on his boyfriend shoulder.

Takao let his mind drift away to the music of the wave and slowly fell asleep, Midorima look at this boyfriend, brushed the rosy cheek with his hand and start putting back in the basket what they had brought with them before sitting back beside his a sleepy Takao.

Midorima woke up Takao after the sun was long gone and the moon was high in the sky.

“Did I slept a lot?” asked Takao rubbing his eyes

“Long enough” replied Midorima getting up from the blanket.

There weren’t a lot of light where they were and they could see a lot of stars, more than if they were in the cities. Takao got up and light his head to see the stars dotting the night sky and saw a shooting star. With sparkle in his eyes, Takao closed his eyes and made a wish. The wish to be forever by Midorima’s side.

“Kazunari…ready to go back?” asked Midorima

“Ready Shin-chan” replied Takao embracing his boyfriend by the waist

The couple walked back to their chalet where they were passing the first week of what they were calling “honeymoon”

This was the last story written for the Create-a-Story Tag, but being me, I can’t just keep that story clean, so I did write an extra one that will be published in 30 mins, however not all of you will allowed to read it.

~ Thank you for Reading ~

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