After finishing with my general Top 10 OTP, I thought to revisite the one I wrote for Kuroko no Basuke back in May 2017, just to see if thing I have change.
While in the first one I included BrOTP too, I will not include them in this one.

Since I came to like that table clean look, this is what you will have here too


Rank Name Up/Down/New
1 Midorima/Takao
2 Kagami/Kuroko
3 Kise/Kuroko
4 Aomine/Kuroko
5 Akashi/Kuroko  1
6 Aomine/Kise 1
7 Teppei/Hyuuga 1
8 Aomine/Kagami New
9 Nijimura/Haizaki
10 Murasakibara/Himuro 3

As you probably notice there isn’t a lot of change and I doubt there would be any unless I’m being exposed to new content for new ship…

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