Hello Everyone!
It’s me Mel!
As you probably know, Mel in Animeland turned 2 in September and to celebrate it I decide to make and other Q&A session.

I really want to thanks everyone who sent their question !
And it is now time for me to answer those question : )

Karandi (100WordAnime)

We know who a lot of your favourite anime guys are, but are there any anime girls that have particularly grabbed your interest?

Karandi asked me the same question the first time, but since her memory failed her (to her defense it was twelves month ago) she didn’t remember it. However it’s a good thing she ask the question since my answer change since then.

The first time, I answered Loretta Cristinano from the series Gangsta., while I still really like Loretta, there is one female character that grew up on me and surpassed her, Uraraka Ochako from My Hero Academia. Ochako left a strong impression on me, she is not our damsel in distress tsundere main female character, she is strong-willed and is ready to work really hard to improve. She doesn’t want to only rely on her friend, yes she will wonder what they would do, but she will think and found the answer herself. Her fight against Bakugo in the second season, was her moment to shine, while she lost the fight, Ochako shown that she wasn’t weak and was able to stand on the same ground as Bakugo, Deku and the other strong student from U.A.

Matt Doyle (MattDoyleMedia)

Are there any posts that you really want to write, but that you simply haven’t been able to for any reason?

There is a lot of post I want to write, I always have idea going around in my head and I have to write them down if i don’t want to forget them. The only reason why I haven’t written them yet, it’s because I sucked at time management and I get easily distracted, when I say easily it’s really easily. I probably stop writing this twice just cause some random thoughts came across (like watching random make-up video on YT). I know I will get around writing the post I want, I just don’t know when.


What is the one anime that you saw that you knew you should hate, but turned out to love anyway?

When I start watching a series, I never start watching it thinking that I should hate it, I always rather give the series a change to entertain me, instead of start with negative thought. There is series that I watched that I thought I wouldn’t enjoy, like MMO Junkie, cause it’s not the type of series I would normally go for. However, some of those series turned to be one of my fave of the season, but I never thought once that I should hate those series for whatever reason, the only reason why I would hate a series it’s if I know the original source and the anime doesn’t follow it (Looking at you Fruit Basket and Gunsliger Girl Il Teatrino).

Anime Girl NYC

Besides anime what are some other shows, series or cartoons are you into?

That’s a really a good question since I don’t tend to watch a lot the TV. I use to love Criminal Minds, but with all the mess that happen and the new cast, I stopped watching it. One of my favorite TV series is Band of Brother, I own it in DVD and I watch it at least once a year. I don’t really watch cartoon, unless the old Bugbunny and Tweety show is airing. Other than that I also really like Astérix, I have most of the earlier movie.
When I watch tv I usually watch documentary, talk show, some talent show and paranormal stuff. I know there is a lot of good french-canadian TV series, but I just can’t bring myself to sit and watch it. I watch a bit of it here and there if someone else in the house is watching it, but I will not sit and watch a full episode by myself.

Krystallina (Daiyamanga)

What’s one piece of merchandise you’d love to have?

There is a lot of merch I would want, but right now the answer will probably be an Aomine hoodie or Bakugo hoodie. I know I could by one of them but I need to slack off a little bit since there is a lot of My Hero Academia fanzine that is coming…Oh and Kanesada Izuminokami scale figure, it so beautiful that it’s hurt.

Aria (The Animanga Spellbook)

Since we’re doing the LAMA collab, which of the ships from it is your favourite?
Bonus: If it wasn’t originally your choice, feel free to write 200 words on that ship.

Hmmm there is some ship I saw that I was like “I should have thought about that one” but since I already had my idea I didn’t wanted to change. One of them is Lina’s pick for Aomine, Rin, not gonna lie I thought about that one, but Haizaki was already claiming the spot.

Rin would make a perfect choice for Aomine. Daiki is on the lazy side and never really had to work extra hard to get where he is, he never hit a wall like Rin did. Rin would probably shake that idiot a little, to make him move his ass a little, he might even learn to be a little be less cocky. I know Rin can be really cocky, mainly in the beginning of the series, but he slowly lost this side. He did remains proud, but he wasn’t like he was before. Aomine never really lost that cocky side even after losing against Kuroko. Plus they both seen as police officer in their respective official AU.


If you were trapped on a desert island and only could bring ONE EPISODE of anime with you… Which one would it be?

That’s harder that it’s look like, only one episode…ugh I think it will either be the episode where Kagami open the door of the 2nd Zone or when Karasuno win against Shiratorizawa. Both episode are strong in emotion and teach us that we shouldn’t give up even when the odd are against us.

Lina (Tiny Ugly Animal)

When did you really know that Aomine was the one? I mean, there must have been one particular moment when you just went “oh!”

OH! Hmmm…I don’t think there was a moment since I wasn’t fond of him in the beginning. Kagami use to be my favorite character in KnB and my all time favorite was most probably Crowley from Seraph of the End. Aomine just grew on me and before I realize it he stole Kagami and Crowley spot just by appearing on screen. It’s not like some deep reasoning was behind it. I’m a simple girl with simple need. Of course the fact that he cried probably help a lot since I just wanted to give a hug to that idiot.

Keiko (Keiko’s Anime Blog)

If you could bring any anime character to life except for Aomine who would it be and why?

Hmm good question, since Aomine is excluded, I should logically go with my 2nd of 3rd fave but, I need to be really entertaining if I don’t want to get dumb or just killed, so I think I would go with Takao Kazunari (Kuroko no Basuke) just cause he look like fun to hang out with and I would like to have hims as a friend.

Arthis (Arthifis’ Place)

How is your average day like?

Hmm it depend if I work or not.

If I don’t work, I don’t do much, some bicycle (got a stationary one for my birthday so I will try to make some during the day that I don’t work) write blog post, play video game or watch anime, that’s pretty much my activity when I’m not working. My day off are also the day where I do my laundry and errands.

If I work, I will go up around 1h30 or 2hrs before I leave (I usually have to leave 1h30 before I start to work cause of the public transport) get ready, eat breakfast, prep lunch. Then I got to work for 6 ,7 or 8 hours depending of my shift, for coming back home 1h30 later again public transport.

I.E : I start at 2pm on the Thrusday and Friday. I will get up at 10am get ready, leave home by 12h40pm. I will get to work around 1h20/30pm depending of how fast I’m walking (I have about 20 mins walk between my bus stop and workplace), do my shift. While the store close at 9pm, we can’t leave as long as the store don’t look good, which mean straightening up the aisles but the item back to their place. If I’m lucky we finish at 9h30pm and I have a lift home (usually on the Thursday) if I’m not lucky I still finish at 9h30 but I have to take the bus that pass at 10h50pm, so I’m not home before 11pm). For my Sunday shift I don’t pass as much time out of the house. I take the bus at 9am (starting at 10am) the store close at 5pm we are ready to got at 5h30am and I take the but at 6h15pm which mean I’m at home before 7pm.

Irina (I drink and watch anime)

Is there any anime that you’ve changed your mind about after rewatching?

That’s a really good question since I don’t tend to rewatch a lot of show…in fact I think the only one I partially rewatched is Garo: Vanishing Line for an OWLS post…hmm not The Mysterious City of Gold (Enfant du Soleil, ton destin est sans pareille, à bord du grand condor tu recherches les cité d’or aaaaa aaaa aa), my mind didn’t really changed about the anime, I mean I do know it was produced it the 80’ so I can’t have my standard high (I don’t have high standard with anime to begin with), but I saw Mendoza differently…or more than I realize the production team really wanted to make sure the viewers knew Mendoza was only there for the gold… it almost became a trademark.

Jon (Jon Spencer Reviews)

Since you are also a K fan, let’s do a question about that. Which installment to the series has been your favorite so far and what are you looking forward to the most in the upcoming bits?

Gonna try to not write a full post here… beware this one will contain spoilers for the The Missing King)

My favorite was most probably the 1st movie, K: The Missing King. It’s a great intro for the second season. It introduce the antagonist, the Green Clan, for the second season. It show how fragile the situation of the Red Clan is, the previous king, Mikoto is death, and there isn’t a new one yet…at least in the beginning of the movie. The Homra member are scattered everywhere doing their own thing, Izumo is in Germany looking for information regarding the slate. Only for the intro of the Green Clan the movie is great, they are menacing from the start and we know what they want. Adding to that we witness the awakening of the new Red King, Anna. OMG I absolutely loved that scene and each time i see it I have goosebumps. GoHand did a great job (for once) with that one, so yeah my favorite installment so far is K: The Missing KIng.

Now for what is coming… I already saw the first of the K: Seven Stories Movie, Blaze and the first part of the second, Side: Blue, and I’m hella excited for the second part. But the only I’m looking the most to is Burn and Lost Small World since I know the source material for both. I read the manga, I know what is coming. I know that I will cry my life in Burn since it’s the event in it happening BEFORE Totsuka Tatara’s death. As for Lost Small World is Fushimi and Yata friendship story, how the became friend until the moment they part away. I already wrote a post on the subject and finally seeing it getting animated makes me really excited.

Sam (A Nerdy Perspective)

If you could go on a date with any fictional character of your choice who would you pick and what would you do on your date?

I should probably answer Aomine, but I think I would pick a character closer to my age like Yami (Black Clover) or Aizawa (My Hero Academia) note here that they are all voiced by Suwabe Junichi…

This conclude the Q&A post for my second anniversary in the anime land.
Once again, I want to thanks everyone who asked me question !!

14 thoughts on “Interview with Mel V.02

  1. Thanks for answering my question, again. I still can’t believe that I managed to ask the same question.
    This was a really fun read and I loved finding out your answers to the questions.

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  2. I love Ochako’s hair and the way it frames her face. She’s also nice.

    There were a ton of excellent questions (and answers) here. I particularly enjoyed reading the one for my question 😉 I agree, Missing King film was great and the scene with Anna is easily the best part. Mad hype. Good to know that the upcoming films are going to be awesome from the sounds of it. Really lookin’ forward to ’em!

    Any way, enjoyed reading this post was super fun! 😀

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      1. lol I can be predictable sometimes
        I still looking forward the other tho, like the last one will be original content and hopefully the identity of the blonde haired character with weird eyes will be unveiled… hopefully *crossing fingers*

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