Last week I decide to revised my previous top 10 OTP for Kuroko no Basuke and I thought I could also give you the one for Haikyuu!!, since it’s my second favorite sport anime.

Gonna be completely honest here on the reason why I like the table loo…I don’t have to write reason on why I like that ship XD, and I will continue to do even if it’s pain to write all the coding for the table.


1 Kageyama/Hinata
2 Kuroo/Tsukishima
3 Iwaizumi/Oikawa
4 Daichi/Suga
5 Bokuto/Akaashi
6 Tsukishima/Hinata
7 Oikawa/Kageyama
8 Asahi/Nishinoya
9 Bokuto/Kuroo
10 Ushijima/Oikawa

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