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Monday 10/15/18

  • Monday in Music | No More Dream by BTS

Tuesday 10/16/18

  • [Doujinshi] Dakedo, Baby (But, Baby) – 18+

Wednesday 10/17/18

  • Mel’s Hot Top | Top 10 Haikyuu!! OTP

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Mel is Watching

As you probably noticed, I do not review anything this season, however this doesn’t mean that I don’t watch anime. I do watch but I rather watch and enjoy than watch and think about what I will write later. So for now on I will just occasionally give you an update about what I’m watching at the moment. Take notes that it is not only seasonal anime.

  • Ace of Diamond
  • Angel of Death
  • Girls Last Tour
  • Run with the Win
  • Saiyuki
  • Sword Art Online: Alicization

Hi Everyone!!
Hope you all got a great week!

If everything stay the way it is now, today is my last day I will work during the day as I start night shift on Wednesday and it should remain this way until the end of the Christmas season. I normally go back to a daytime/evening shift after the boxing days, unless they decide to keep it for preparing the inventory.

Wish you a nice week!

~ Thank you for Reading ~

8 thoughts on “Mel in Animeland Diary | Year 2, Week 4

  1. Thank you for sharing! 😊 And, you are watching Diamond no Ace. Such a good choice. 😎 I need to rewatch Kuroko and friends any day now. I’ve read so much fan fiction lately because of someone 😳😘 I feel an urge to see them boys going at that ball. Ugh sorry, gonna stop now. Never mind me.

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      1. You’re watching it the same way I’m watching Beelzebub in other words. 😎 Let’s call it casual. Well, I can’t say I’m any better. I have only watched Goblin Slayer. That’s all I’ve watched this week. Except B that is. It’s nice though, to not have to stress about watching everything on the clock because of posts. You can be lazy if you want to.

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  2. Thanks for sharing my post. Even though I know the post’s going to get a lot of circulation because of the nature of OWLS and for some reason Phantom in the Twilight posts are where I bring my A-game, the show itself is severely underwatched (despite it having massive flaws) and so nobody really wants to read the associated posts…

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