tbt with mel

Hello Everyone!
It’s me Mel!

We are at the end of October which mean it is now time for a new trip in the pass by looking at post written in June 2017

I really want to thank people who send me post for this round!

Without any further ado, Let’s start reading!!

‘Sergeant York’ Classic Film Review by Jacobtheawesome (Jon Spencer Reviews)

While I never saw the movie (and might never) it’s still refreshing to see someone talking about a movie filmed in the 40′. In this post Jacob give us a mini review about a biographical movie that is more than your conventional war movie. Forget about Pearl Harbor and Saving Private Ryan and enjoy the “celebration of the most decorated soldier of World War I”

Re:Creators – How meta can one anime get? by Scott (Mechanical Anime Reviews)

This is not a review for the Re:Creator series, in this post title is self-ex plenary since it’s pretty much what Scott talk about in this post with a lot of example. I haven’t seen the series and while this is not a review, this post still made me curious enough to add it to my plan to watch list.

Tuesday’s Top 5: My Hero Academia Tournament Matches by Karandi (100WordAnime)

Karandi Tuesday’s Top are always interesting, but this one is even more since I’m completely biased toward this particular series.
In this post, Karandi rank her five favorite fight from the Sport Festival Tournament.

This were the post sent to me for the month of October. Once again I want to thank you for your participation !!

~ Thank you for reading ~

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