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As you probably noticed, I do not review anything this season, however this doesn’t mean that I don’t watch anime. I do watch but I rather watch and enjoy than watch and think about what I will write later. So for now on I will just occasionally give you an update about what I’m watching at the moment. Take notes that it is not only seasonal anime.

  • Ace of Diamond
  • Angel of Death
  • Girls Last Tour (Complete)
  • Run with the Win
  • Saiyuki
  • Sword Art Online: Alicization

Hello everyone!!
Hope you all going good!

I just start to be a full-time night shift which mean no more day shift until the end of the holiday season, this also mean that I will live mostly during the night even when I have day off to not mess-up my sleep schedule. So people on in the other side of the world, don’t be surprise if you see me awake at the same time as you, it’s totally normal.

I Just bought My Hero Academia: One Hero Justice (on PS4) and there is so many combo to remember that I’m wondering how I will do to remember all of them, I guess in the end I will just try and hope it get some cool effect. I passed through the majority of the Hero Killer arc and good that Nomu was hard to beat, poor Gran Torino he lost a couple of time before I manage to get the K.O.
I really like the graphic (Even if they are not as good as Fatal Bullet in my opinion), since I’m not an avid gamer don’t expect a full first impression of the game :p, but if any of you bought it, I’m curious to know your impression on it.

Wish you a nice week!

~ Thank you for Reading ~

10 thoughts on “Mel in Animeland Diary Year 2, Week 5

  1. Thank you so much for including my post! Really appreciate it! I had a lot of fun writing it, and it’s very kind of you to include it here😊
    In my gaming days if there is one thing I was bad at (despite liking those types of games) it’s remembering combos. I was just a button masher and hoped for the best lol 😂😂
    Thanks again, and have a great week! 😊😊

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