Hello everyone!
It’s me Mel!!

Welcome back to another K-Friday edition. In today’s edition, I will share with you my favorite male voice, or signer not necessarily solo act.

Although I don’t understand what they are saying (one day I will), there is South Korean singer who can still make you feel the music and the lyrics without having the comprehension of the language, I say those type of signer communicate with my soul.

Before starting the post, I would highly suggest you to read this post on your laptop or pc since this post will have a lot of video, the video share will either be performance or official music video, unless my favorite song of the signer is not available.

* Note: they are not place in a particular order *

황치열 (Hwang ChiYeol)

He used to be Infinite vocal coach and after a few years he decide to try his chance as solo act. I discovered him through the variety musical show Immortal Song. I can’t clearly remember which performance it was, but I can tell you that I was wowed by his performance. Amazed enough for me to look to see if he as released any song and it’s useless to say that I was quite happy when I found his album on iTunes.

김필 (Kim Feel)

Kim Feel is another singer that I discovered on Immortal Song, while I watch a few of his performance, there is one that strike me the most and made me say that I love his voice. Kim Feel have a unique raspy voice, the type of voice that you just can’t forget and play with you feeling.


(Shin HyeSung)

Shin Hyesung is the main vocal of the veteran group SHINWA and of course it’s how I came to know him. After getting into the group, I looked to see if the member had released any solo stuff.
You see due to an injuries, Shin Hyesung couldn’t do his mandatory military service, so while the other member were enlist (one after the other not all in the same time) he released solo material.

김종현 (Kim JongHyun)

Despite the fact that he is not with us anymore, Jonghyun remains one of my favorite voice, he had such a unique voice, a voice you couldn’t mistake for another. When we was signing with the other member of SHINee, you could easily tell when he was signing.

이홍기 (Lee HongKi)

He is F.T Island singer and he is probably one of the best male singer of South Korea, that guy never fail to impress me.

김성규 (Kim SungKyu)

He is Infinite leader and one of the two main singer (you will see the other one right after), while I enjoy listening to him on Infinite song, his solo released are different from the group one, more rock, less pop.

남우현 (Nam WooHyun)

Woohyun is the other Infinite main vocal, while Sungkyu can released more upbeat rock song, Woohyun does more in the ballad when it come to solo material unless he perform on Immortal Song (that show again yes) . I’m really no complaining, his voice is really soothing. Woohyun his is one of the few male singer that I know who’s talking voice sound like his singing one.

정준영 (Jung JoonYoung)

Nope I didn’t discover his on Immortal Song, however I still watched a lot of his performance on the show. The first time I heard about him it’s when I saw his name on my Kpop tweet feed account almost 5 years ago when he participated to Superstar K4 ( he finished 3rd). It was during the time where I began to explore outside the kpop sphere, looking for more type of song.

김동완 (Kim DongWan)

Dongwan is one of the other singer of Shinhwa (it is said that Minwoo is the lead vocal while Shin Hyesung is the main, but I always felt like it was Dongwan the lead…oh well)
Dongwan singing voice is… I can’t even describe it, one thing is sure is that it makes me feel thing.

이세준 (Lee SeJoon)

Yes I did discover him on Immortal Song and I will forever be thankful for the show to inviting him alone without the second half of Yurisangja, it’s not that I don’t like the group as a whole, it’s just that I found Lee Sejoon voice more appealing when he sing in solo.


Last but not the least (even if it’s not a top list this last one is more like an honorable mention),

대성 (DaeSung)

Daesung from the group BigBang, didn’t released a lot of solo material on the South Korean market (YG made him have his solo debut in Japan instead which is totally stupid), but if he was to ever released something like his track from the K-Drama What’s Up “Lunatic” or like “Wings” from the Alive BigBang album he would certainly have his place among my top favorite.

This was my favorite male Korean singer, singer that I just love the voice.

Now I want to hear about you, do yo have any favorite male singer ?

Let me know in the comment section below!

~ Thank you for Reading ~

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