General Information

Studio Lerche
Source Manga
Airing Date January 2018 to March 2018
Season Winter 2018
Episode Count 12
Genre Slice of Life, Fantasy, Seinen


Nine centimeters (3.5 inches) tall, tiny girls Hakumei and Mikochi live in the forest. Living in a tiny house in a tree, riding insects and birds, and making umbrellas out of leaves, these tiny girls live a tiny life. Follow their tiny but lovely lives as they live their day-to-day in a fantastic world of tiny people and gods.


Hakumei and Mikochi is normally the kind of series that I wouldn’t be drawn to, even the synopsis didn’t make particularly curious about the show, however the visual did.

While I wasn’t totally appealed by the story at first, I quickly realized this would me one favorite of mine for the season as I was discovering the little tiny world in which our two tiny main characters was living in. The episodic format makes the series easy to watch and discovering the new adventure of Hakumei and Mikochi was really enjoyable. Each episode brought something new to their little world already filled with incredible character with a rich history.

But what makes captivated me the most was the visual that reminded me old fairy tale look, the sketchy line and the textured color just brought more life to the show. The details given to background is also important to note. Each character have their own design, none of them look the same even the different animal encounter through the series have their difference.

A marvelous OST was written for the series by Evans Call (Violet Evergarden), the traditional music was just magical and I never get tired of listening to it.

Of course, the series is not for everyone, but if you looking for something light to watch that will make you smile, Hakumei to Mikochi is for you.

~ Thank you for Reading ~

5 thoughts on “Hakumei and Mikochi

  1. Have never heard of this series, but the music alone has made me curious for it. I loved the sound of the music you included for this post. Thanks for sharing this one. I really do sometimes like the light series as well 😊

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