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I talked about it in the previous post focus on a anime (or manga) female character and people who know me, know that I’m not really fond of the character. I probably passed more time talking bad about the character I will talk about today that say good thing about her.

But more I read the manga, more I read the light novel, more I see Hiiragi Mahiru, from Seraph of the End differently and maybe writing this post will make me like her a little more by seeing her under a new light.

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My relation with Mahiru character is kind of similar than the one I have with Ichinose Guren (from the same series). It’s a love hate relationship. There is moment where I think Mahiru is not as bad as it she look like despite her apparent obsession over Guren, however there is also time where I wonder why she still exist, moment where I which Guren and got rid of her when he killed her instead of sealing her into a sword. (okay I don’t hate Guren to that extent, I do not wish is dead even when he get possess by Mahiru)

First you have to know that this post is based on light novel and manga Mahiru, we don’t see her enough in the anime to get a proper idea of who she is. If we take only in consideration the information given in the anime, Mahiru is the demon sealed in Guren sword, she is obsessed over Guren when she was human and still is and finally she is Shinoa older sister, but she is much more than that, she is far more than a crazy Guren groupie. Since I take information from the manga and light novel for this post, it is safe to say this post will contain spoilers.

Mahiru was the second oldest child of Hiiragi Tenri the head of the powerful Hiiragi family, she is one of the contender to take his place, the other contender being Kureto the oldest son of the family a year older than her. Normally Kureto should have be the only one in list, but Mahiru was different from birth, since the moment she was born, Mahiru wasn’t totally human. Her “mother” was possessed by a demon during the time of the pregnancy. The result was that Mahiru wasn’t never alone in her body as she shared it with a demon (what a great start in life). Another consequence was that Mahiru was a beautiful genius, she was seens as a goddess by her people around her. Since she was born she was always treated differently than the other and people always had high expectation from her. She was the best in everything, a amazing fighter and tactician, always surpassing her older brother without putting much effort.

However, despite the fact that Mahiru was the best at everything and could have had everything she wanted as long as it was going according to the plan, there is thing she always wanted without being able to get it, be a normal girl. A normal girl who will go to school her with friend, a normal girl who will pass time with her siblings, a normal girl who will be able to love the one she like. But she would never be able to get that, Mahiru would never be able to be a normal girl, since she was born half demon.

Guren and Mahiru | Guren Ichinose Catastrophe at Sixteen
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She was wasn’t able to get what she wanted,instead she put her energy into protecting what was important to her, her younger sister, Shinoa, and her forbidden (by her family) for love Guren. For them, Mahiru gave up her humanity, turn into a vampire and then finally a full demon just before her death. She followed her “father” plan, she act as she betrayed her family by being a double spy. She give-up a lot of thing to protect them cause she always knew she never be able to be a normal girl.


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Like a lot of character in the series, Mahiru is a grey character although the series. It’s only at the end of the “Guren Ichinose: Catastrophe at Sixteen” we final know her reason of acting this way.

Do I still hate her for killing Guren squad and friend, yes of course, however a part of me want to believe that it’s not the Mahiru who wanted to be a normal girl who killed them, but Mahiru the demon turned Vampire.

Now the only think I am sure is that she truly adore her little sister and would still to everything she can to protect her.

You might like her, you might hate her, no matter what is your opinion about her with can’t deny the fact that Mahiru is one of the post interesting characters of the series.

~ Thank you for Reading ~

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