K: Seven Stories 1st Movie Promotional Poster
General Information
Studio GoHands
Source Original
Release Date July 2018
Duration 1h
Genre Action, Drama, Super Power, Supernatural

If you know me, you know that I’m a fan of the K franchise and that I was really excited for the 7 movie that was announced and of course I had to look out for them.

While I’m not a big fan of illegal streaming (when it come to anime), I knew I would have to look for fansub for those movie, however soon as I can buy the legal copy I will, buy all of them… (sorry bank account)

Now that I watch the first of the seven, I guess it’s time to write a post about it right,


K Seven Movie - Blaze

As you know I was excited about this movie, even more since it’s was an original, something that I have never read before in manga or light novel. I was really curious what GoRa and GoHands would give us this time, the only thing I was sure is that I would most probably enjoy it but seeing the studio it is coming from I haven’t set my expectation really high (never expect great thing from GoHands)

And I wasn’t disappointed I guess, at least regarding the story itself, the visual it was something else, but first let me talk about the story which can be talk in three section. There would be spoiler but nothing major, there is not plot twist in the movie (for that we will need an actual plot), the movie really only set what will come later in the anime series. Like the relation between the Blue and Red Clan. At first I wanted to write it without any spoilers, but I soon realize that it would be impossible if I wanted to explain what you will find in the movie well.

Before anything, I have to talk about where the movie is set in the K franchise timeline. Blaze is set before the event of the first season, before Tatara Totsuka’s death and Munataka Reisi is not even the Blue King yet which mean Scepter 4 doesn’t have any King nor the same amount of power as before. Suoh Mikoto became king way before Munataka (I feel like we will have more information about when Mikoto became King in “Burn”) became one, which mean Homra had plenty of time to grow their base, become strong and control the street.

The way Homra is perceive in the street is important, people either fear them or want to be like them which bring weaker character like Yamata Daichi to join Homra, he wanted to be stronger and walk in the street with pride, but this pride of being part of a feared clan pushed him to make action that will make damage when Munataka became the King. Scepter 4, represent the Law & Order so of course they will want to have a talk with Yamata. In this movie, Yamata is used as support to show why a lot of people join Homra and while he is not a super interesting character, he does represent that part of the Red Clansmen pretty well. This is the first thing the movie is about and this lead to the second element you will find in the movie, it’s something I will call “The Beginning of Mikoto’s Downfall”

If you saw the first season, you know what happen to the Red King at the end, but this didn’t start in the 1st season, it started before, Mikoto powers already started to consume his mind in Blaze. The Red King power is like a curse that burn the body and in the end the only think the Red King want to do is burning everything around him, this is wanting happened to Kagutsu Genji the previous Red King and Mikoto feel that what will happen to him to. I said it it’s like a curse and the only thing or more person who can kind of control Mikoto is Totsuka. Tatara Totsuka always admired Mikoto and I think the Red King just doesn’t want to disappoint him. (let the ship sailing) I know GoHands it’s not know for story that make much sense (I’m looking at you Hand Shakers) but I feel like this time the show the direction is taking and his struggles with his power. There were even a moment during a fight against Munataka that I believe seeing the previous King shadow in the flames.

K Seven Stories - Blaze
© GoHands
K Seven Stories - Blaze
© GoHands

This bring us to the last element of Blaze, Munataka Reisi, the Blue King. Munataka awaken as a King in Blaze, while we know where and in which situation, we don’t know why he was chosen by the Dresden Plate (nothing new here), then come the first meeting and a lot of fight follow. Now that Scepter 4 have a new King, they want to regain the control and apply the law, obviously Mikoto doesn’t give a shit about all this and Munataka being Munakata doesn’t understand why the Red King refuse to take on the role that was giving to him as a King (which role ? if only I knew). Their meeting set the tone of how it will go between the two clans and it is also mention of the old grudge the Blue Clan hold against the Red Clan.

K Seven Stores - Blaze
© Go Hands

There is some other thing happening, like the introduction of the previous Colorless King, Miwa Ichigen ( I wish seeing more of him) and his role.

As I said, GoHands is not known for story that actually make sense, but I think they did a good job with that one, the lack of deep plot probably helped a lot.

If the story kind of make sense (for once) the visual suffer a little, the animation was okay mostly during the battle sequence. If you like the fight in the original series you will enjoy the one you will see in Blaze, but the overall visual is like…just a little bit above being decent.

The studio did once again use a lot of CG in this one and I must say the character doesn’t blend well with the background, it kind of reminded me of those movie where live action and cartoon was in the same movie ( Like Who Framed Roger Rabbit and the original Pete’s Dragon) there was something off about it that and the character design. Mikoto and all our favorite still look hot…from afar close depending of the angle I feel like their eyes are like…bigger like way bigger than how they are in the anime series and Missing King movie… or maybe it’s just me. The fact that I’m generally biased toward what I love (in fact you didn’t notice it, now you know) probably helped the movie a lot. From an unbiased point of view, the visual (minus the fighting scene) is passable at best. A lot of people might not even give Blaze a chance cause of that. So visually speaking you have to watch for the fight. Now if we were to talk about the audio it’s something else, the background music is fabulous and the voice actor are doing a great job, Tsuda Kenjirou is just perfect as Mikoto.

Now the important question, do you need to watch this movie? Is it a must watch ? no it’s not, it doesn’t bring more to the story itself, however I would say that it explain how Mikoto felt during the 1st season and why is was at peace with his death. His death at the end of the 1st season was like if he was released from the Red Kind power curse he was now free and it’s probably the only reason why you would want to watch the movie, to understand better Mikoto state of mind, besides that you if you don’t feel like watching the movie, it’s totally fine.

Did you do like me and didn’t wait for the DVD released ?

If yes let me know what you thought of the movie in the comment section below.

~ Thank you for Reading ~

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