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Today I will talk about my favorite solo male act, he is a singer that I absolutely adore and could listen to his voice all day long, plus he is very handsome, Hwang Chiyeol (황 치열)

Immortal Song: Singing the Legend, Hwang Chiyeol, 황치열

It is not the first time you hear me talking about him and it will certainly not be the last time, I just love the guy (Yes I can also find real men attractive, I do not only look at 2D boys). If you have read the post on my favorite male voice, you should already know that I discovered him on Immortal Song, if you didn’t… I discovered that beautiful voice on Immortal Song but don’t ask me which episode. When I first saw him I had no clue who he was but I was instantly charmed by is low tone and warm voice.

Despite his fabulous voice ( and look) it took time before Hwang Chiyeol debut, it took around nine years before being able to shine on a stage even if he did released album before. In 2007, he released his first studio album, 오감  (Five Sense). Since the album never got promoted, you can’t find music video for any of the song on the album, but I can still share with you one of my favorite song on the album.


After releasing two albums, Hwang Chiyeol have to put his singing career on the ice as his management company close. Between the moment where he made his comeback as a singer and the moment where his label close, he mainly worked as vocal coach for idols group like Infinite, Hello Venus and N’UEST. He eventually appear as a contestant on I can see your voice, his performance on the show opened other door for him since after he was invited on show like Immortal Song, A Live Alone and Happy Together.

Thank to his impressive cover of “아버지” (Father) originally sang by Insooni, Hwang Chiyeol was noticed by Huan TV and he was invited by the Chinese broadcaster to one of the musical competition I am a Singer season 4 where he finished 3rd.


In 2017, Hwang Chiyeol finally released a first mini album Be Ordinary with “A Daily Song” as lead title

“A Daily Song”

About a year after in 2018, he released his 2nd EP, Be Myself with “The Only Star” as lead single.

“The Only Star”

Hwang Chiyeol is an example of perseverance and despite what his own father was against the fact he become a singer, he never give up his dream. Now he is where he always wanted to be, on stage living his dream.

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