k: Seven Stories 2nd Movie Promotional Poster
General Information
Studio GoHands
Source Light Novel / Manga
Release Date August 2018
Duration 1h
Genre Action, Super Power, Supernatural

Hello Everyone!

I guess I finally manage to finish watching Side: Blue and it’s it now time to share with you my thought on it.

Unlike Blaze, I had a little idea of what I would found in this movie, while I haven’t read the light novel Side: Blue, I have read the manga Days of Blue and I already knew one of the character that would be introduced in the 2nd K Seven Stories movie so I was looking forward to it a little more than Blaze (but less than some others)

K Seven Storie, Side: Like - Like Sirius, Kusuhara Takeru

If Blaze is more about the very beginning of the K franchise, Side: Blue is about Scepter 4, there is not even mention of the Red Clan. In this second movie, we are meeting the Blue clansmen from the past the present.

I say from the past cause we are finally meeting the previous Blue King, Jin Habari, and I was looking forward to see how he would be. I would really like to tell you more about him but I would let you discover by yourself the kind of person he was.

The one reason why I was really looking forward to this movie was cause of Kusuhara Takeru, deceased Blue clansmen. I first “met” him in the manga Days of Blue and since he looked like a sweetie pie (you know me it’s either the jerk or the cinnamon roll) I wanted to see more about him and seeing him in the movie just makes me happy even if the movie is not centered around him.

I would say the movie is more about one of the clansmen, a clansmen we mostly see in the second season, K: Return of King, as Munataka’s guardian, the one that look over the Blue King stability, Zenjo Goki and why Munataka chosen as his guardian over the lieutenant Awashima.

K Seven Stories, Side: Blue - Like Sirius, Zenjo Goki

K Side: Blue – Like Sirius open on the day of the Kagutsu Crater Incident 14 years before the event of the anime series and I didn’t even needed any explanation about what was happening, the whole scene was chaotic, the former Red Clansmen attacking the Blue Clan to prevent them to reach the Red King. Kagutsu Genji is already out of control and the only one who can stop him is Habari Jin, the Blue King. After Kagutsu display his huge amount of power, we meet a young and hot-blooded Zenjo who is really different from what we see in the second season of the anime series, then we are transported in the present day with the new Blue King and his new clansmen, one of them being the strong-willed but so not cut for the job, Kusuhara Takeru.

The kid really want to be part of Scepter 4, Munataka chosen him after all, however his physical abilities are lacking and he need to be trained, this is probably one of the reason why the Blue King put the young man under Zenjo care, but could learn from each other. One could become an expert swordsman and the other could learn to open a little bit, at least it’s what would have happened if Kusuhara hasn’t been killed on duty, since this day I think Zenjo always had some kind of grudge against his King, even if the latter have a huge respect for the one who was the right-hand of the previous Blue King, Munataka takes in consideration Zenjo opinion and ask him what he think about the new Clansmen.

Side: Blue is a movie about the past and the present Blue Clan, however it put the focus on one member and how he became who he is. This movie is not like a slice of life, if you want to see how the Blue clansmen live you will have to give a look at the manga “Days of Blue”. Like Blaze, Side: Blue doesn’t being much to the original story, however you will found in it a really good explanation about why a Damocles Down is dangerous, I mean more reason to fear it (like if it wasn’t scary enough like that, let’s add other fact that make it even more dangerous – one day you will have a post explaining how the Damocles Down work.) So like Blaze, Side: Blue is not a must watch to enjoy the main series, this is really more like a side story aimed for the fan.

Of course I will not stop you to watch it.

K Seven Stories, Side: Blue - Like Sirius

Fun thing to point out, the second part of the movie seem to have a better production than the first part, but again we are talking about Go Hands here, a studio where the consistency can be really lacking.

Did you watch the movie or are you planning to watch it? Let me know it the comment section below.

K Seven Stories, Side: Blue - Like Sirius, Fushimi Saruhiko
©GoHands – I have no real reason to add a picture of Fushimi other than show you how beautiful he is.

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