Don’t worry I’m not going far

Hello Everyone!
It’s me Mel!

As I said in the Weekly Round-Up, I have an announcement to make. Don’t worry it’s nothing serious, it’s just something I realize a few days ago and it was on my mind since then.

It’s been thirteen years I’ve been working for Toys  ‘R’ Us Canada and for twelve of those thirteen years, I’m working on a night shift during the holidays season, which start (for us) in late September, beginning of October. I really don’t mind working night shift, in fact I enjoy it more since I have more time to do what I like at work, which is fixing aisles and fill them with the merchandise we received twice a week. I really like working night shift, I do, plus I don’t have to deal with the customers who strangely become more and more rude as we are approaching Christmas. 

While night shift have a lot of good side, there is some bad side, like the time I have on my hand, I have way less time, even if I work the same amount of hours. When I working during the day, I don’t come up tired and I don’t think of going to bed soon as I get work, however I do think a lot about my bed soon as I get home from work when I’m working at night, which mean I don’t have much time for other thing. My only free time it’s when I’m not working and I usually use that time to blog. 

I love blogging and I’m sure you all know it, but I have other hobby like reading, playing video game, drawing and of course writing fan fiction , but since I pass most of my time thinking about my next blog post, I can’t enjoy the other thing that I like. So after some times of thinking about what I wanted, I decide to take a two months of Hiatus from the blog. You will not see one most from me in December, in fact this post will be my last post from the year. During my two years of blogging, I took only a month of Hiatus, but I was still blogging, I was writing post for the next month, so it wasn’t really a real hiatus, this time, I will not touch my blog once, I will read blog post, share on twitter, but I will not write anything new. I even push back in February the two post I already have scheduled. I really wanted to take a month away from the blog and do something else. 

January, I will start to blog again, but all the post written during that month will be schedule in February, unless it’s for a collaboration or the OWLS, hopefully I will be back during the day at that time (crossing finger). 

Once I will fully be back to blogging, I will change my blogging habit, as you probably know all my post are scheduled, which will stay this way. Before what I was doing is writing the Monday and Tuesday post the month before and the other post was written a day or two before I scheduled them, sometimes it was the weekend before. Now what I’m planning to do is use the first full week of each month to write my blog post for the month and I really hope I will be able to get rid of the list of blog idea I have this way. 

I said it, it is nothing serious, I’m not going really far, I just need time for my other hobbies. 

If there is anything you can always DM me on Twitter don’t be shy !!

~ Thank you for Reading ~ 

12 thoughts on “Mel’s Takes Vacation

  1. ❤ as I said before I totally support the break. It's needed sometimes! and as usual, lol more time for our minds to things we also really like…like drawing and writing…looking forward to our brainstorms in that regard! 😀

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