Doujinshi | Boku no Hero Academia


General Information
Series My Hero Academia
Pairing Kirishima/Bakugo
Genre Shounen-Ai
Circle Masoe

Hello everyone!
I think it’s been a while I haven’t feature any My Hero Academia doujinshi, so I thought it would be nice to finish the year with this series.
Today I will feature a cute little KiriNBaku, while I’m a huge BKDK lover, having this pairing once in a while makes me smile.

In this story, a drunk Kirishima state that he should get married to Bakugo since they are always together, they even leave together. This didn’t fall into deaf ear and the next day Bakugo say that he will get the same-sex marriage registration, of course thing doesn’t go as planned next to Kaminari.

To read the doujinshi, click here

By the way if you wonder, there is no real title. The cover picture talk about “Free Distribution” then I’m to lazy to translate and finally the “키리바쿠책” means “KiriBaku Book” (thank you Duolingo).

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