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In this edition of K-Friday, I will talk about something a lot of people outside the kpop community is aware of, fanclub color.

Colors are an important part of the world in which we live. If we were living in a black and white environment, it would be more difficult to associate thing together, just think of all the expression using a color, none of those would be existing. Forget about having the Green Light to go or do something, forget about the royal family having Blue Blood, everything would be in a Grey Area.

We tend to associate thing with color. When I think of the color red, I think of the stop sign, firefighter and apple, when it come to blue it’s the sky and yellow the sun (or McDonalds’) We do the same with anime character, character are often associate to color, Red for Akashi, Yellow for Kise, Orange for Bakugo and Green for Midoriya.

This concept of color association can also be found in the kpop world, fanclub have their own color (and name). The fanclub color, help fan to have a feeling of belonging to a group

A kpop fan having Hot Pink scarf is most likely a 2ne1 fans or one with sapphire blue is probably a Super Junior fan. Fan of a group are always excited to see their favorite having a fanclub color (and name) announced cause they can finally show their pride with color. Cause yes, they are proud to show their color, to show which group the stan, they are proud to show their love for said group by wearing color associated with it.

This color pride is really important for the fan, as I said above, it give them a feeling of belonging to a group, they are part of a group of people who share the love for the same group. Therefore when a group get their own color, the other fanclubs look to make sure the color is not already attached to favorite group. Of course since every base color can come in different shade the chance of having more than one group with the exact same color is thin, SNSD, APink and 2ne1, have all Pink has their color, but all different shade, Pastel Rose Pink for SNSD, Strawberry Pink for APink and Hot Pink for 2ne1 and now that some group have more than one color the chance are thinner.

However, some fanclub (and even group members) doesn’t want to see their color used, even if it’s a different shade or use with other colors.

A few years ago, in 2015, the new boy group iKon had they officially released. It appears the lightstick, called the konbat, is orange-red, when it is on the stick appear orange but when it is off it is orange going on red color (see picture below)

meet mr. KonBat

Orange being the fanclub color of the longest running boy group color, Shinhwa, fan of the group, Shinhwa Changjo, wasn’t happy to see that and the took their keyboard to complain about it. Even Eric Mun, Shinhwa Leader, said on Twitter that orange is the group color since their debut in 1998 and junior group should know better than use it.

Now here I have to give my 2 cent about that whole controversy cause I remember thinking it was completely stupid. See when I was deep down in the kpop hell, I was a Shinhwa fan, I still own merchandise from the group and I can tell you the “Shinhwa Orange” it’s the most basic orange you can found. It doesn’t go on the yellow side nor the red one, it’s right in the middle, so I personally think really childish to see grownups women (and maybe some men) to get mad over a junior group having a lightstick color being a different shade of orange, even when the lightstick is off it remains a different shade of Orange. Plus since leadernim decide to say on Twitter junior shouldn’t use orange, not matter the shade, as color which just added the fuel on the fire. I even saw some Shinhwa Changjo verbally attacking Ikon and their fan on Twitter (yes this is part of the infamous toxicity kpop fandom have). I do agree two groups shouldn’t have the exact same fanclub color, but if the shade is different don’t go after them, even more if you are the leader of the group, as leader you should set the example. Orange might be associate to Shinhwa for a long time but if you get angry each time a new group get a color close to the one your fanclub have you might stay angry for the most majority of the years. I do understand why they are mad, color are an important part of the Kpop community, however this apply mostly for the older generation group. Nowadays, new group have more than one color and some doesn’t even have color, only symbol and lightstick. What if iKon lightstick is not their official color, but only the lightstick color, no matter the color they would have used for it there would have been fan who would have been angry. At first the konbat was supposed to be red and Cassie (TVXQ fan) got mad about it, they add a little bit of orange and now it’s Shinhwa Changjo who are mad. If they would have change the color to green SS501 fan would have been mad and if it was yellow it would have been Sechskies fan who would have been mad. No Matter the color used some fans would have been mad, so for once I stick by YG decision to not bend under the pressure and keep it the way it is, I’m not a Ikon fan, but I will like the look of that lightstick, not only the shape is pretty neat, but the color is great. Yes I do associate Orange with Shinhwa, but it’s only a certain shade and that shade is not the one used for Ikon lightstick.

Colors are an important part of the kpop fandom, it give to the fan a feeling of belonging to a group of people who share the same interests as them. Fans are proud to show their color, proud to show their love for their favorite group and this is why they are always reading to protect the color that are dear to them, even if it’s mean to show the dark side of the kpop fandom.

~ Thank you for reading ~

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