Free! Timeless Medley Kizuna, The Bond
© Kyoto Animation
General Information
Studio Kyoto Animation
Source Original
Released Date April 2017
Duration 1h35
Genre Slice of Life, Sports, Drama, School


“Recap movie for the second season of Free! (Free! : Eternal Summer) with some additional scene”


Free! Timeless Medley Kizuna, The Bond
© Kyoto Animation

I really planned to take this review out sooner, but I just kept pushing it back while doing other thing, and that I decided to write all the review that need to be written before watching or finish any other series, it is now time to work on it.

Free! Timeless Medley, Kizuna, The Bond
© Kyoto Animation

I had to rewatch it before writing this post because I watched it some times ago. Now that is done I might be able to pretend that I can write a review about it.

Free! Timeless Medley – Kizuna (The Bond) is the first of the Free! movies that came out in 2017 with Yakusoku (The Promises) and Take Your Marks. The movie is halfway between a recap movie for the 2nd season of the anime series produced by Kyoto Animation and a side movie. It show a lot of elements from Eternal Summer while adding new scene mainly focused on Makoto and Haru relationships. Those of you who watched Free! Starting Summer (movie adaptation of the light novel High Speed) will also see some references to that movie in the opening sequence.

As I said the movie put a lot of focus on Haru and Makoto, but the other member of the Iwatobi Swim Club are not forgotten, Rei is dramatic as always and Nagisa is that ray of sunshine everyone knows and since the movie is all about the bond the character share we also have the pleasure to see Rin. Of course you also seeing the amazing race, while the race between Makoto and Haru hold a lot of meaning, my favorite remains the one between Rin and Haru, the red-haired always managed to bring the most out of Haru, pushing him to his limits even when they only have a friendly race.

Since the movie is like a recap movie for Eternal Summer with some additional part, the plot of the movie is obviously the same at the anime season, they just make more the focus on the bond between the characters. My favorite part of the movie, is a scene we also see in the anime. During the final relay race, each animals related to the character are seen. Makoto see a dolphin which represent Haru, Nagisa see a killer whale which is Makoto, Rei see a penguin which represent Nagisa and finally Haru see butterfly animal linked to Rei. In this race the bond meaning all come together, even if swimming is a solo sport, team member are still important.

Free! Timeless Medley, Kizuna, The Bond
© Kyoto Animation

The movie also serve as introduction for the 3rd season, Free! Dive to the Future, as we see Ikuya talking to his brother.

If you liked Free! anime series, I will suggest you to watch the movie, while it’s a recap movie, the few additional scene are worth to watch.

Did you watch the movie? What did you think of it?
Let me know in the comment section below.

~ Thank you for reading ~

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