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Pokemon Sword & Shield: Impression & Wishes

Hello Everyone!

It’s me Mel! Hope you are all going good today!

This is a little surprise post since I wasn’t planning to have anything for today.

As you can probably guess, today I will talk about the new Pokemon games coming later this years. A few days ago, a Nintendo Direct happen and during that direct a Pokemon Direct was presented. During that direct, a new pokemon game was announced and a first trailer was presented.

My Impression

I have to say the trailer go me pretty excited, I was loving what I was seeing. Galar the new region look pretty cool and like all Pokemon region this new one is also based a real region or more country which is Great-Britain. I never visited GB but I saw countless picture of the Britain country side and it look like it. Plus we have a Big Ben up north and even the London Eyes.

© Nintendo/ Game Freak

On the map we can see some of the gym, that look more like stadium and seems much bigger than the original gym. Now we don’t have any information about the new gym/stadium but for some reason I think it will be different from the normal Gym fight. To me it look like it gonna be like some kind of tournament. For those who think that might take too much time, think about it, when you are fighting in the Gym who don’t only fight the leader.

© Nintendo/Game Freak

the Direct also introduced the new starter for the 8th Generation, we have a Grass Monkey, a Fire Bunny and a Water Lizard, they are all adorable, first evolution of any starter is always adorable, they are like baby animals, it’s when they evolve that thing can get a bad turn. For now I have to say my favorite is Scorbunny, but is its become an other fire fighting, I might get really annoyed. by that.

I really like they were introduced, their picture didn’t just randomly pop-up in the trailer, there was some kind of interaction between the them which was cute and funny.

My Wishes

I have been playing Pokemon since the Yellow generation, in fact it was the first game I got on my Gameboy Color, but even if I have been playing for several years, the reason why I like the game never really change. I like it cause I like discovering the region and catching Pokemon, I’m an adventure and a Pokemon collector. So when it come to games mechanic, it they change or not I don’t really mind since it doesn’t change the reason why I play. However there is still thing that I wish about that game.

Hidden Machine, Poke Rider and Special Technic

I saw a lot of complain about Sun&Moon and the Ultra version, most people where complaining about how boring and how they didn’t like the trial, plus a lot weren’t fan of the new pokemon generation, a saw a lot of complain but not a lot of people talked about how practical the fact we didn’t had HM anymore was.

Just to give you a little refresh about the HM, this was a attack a pokemon could use outside battle, like the HM Fly, could make you fly across a region to land in front of the Pokemon Center, the HM Surf would allow you to on the water without the need of a boat, but as I said this was attack, so pokemon needed to learn like any other attacks to use it, no matter how useless it was (like Flash), and most of the time when you were going through the Victory Road you needed to have pokemon that have the HM with you. In Sun&Moon, HM became normal attack and got replace by Pokemon Rider, which is much more better, even better than the Special Technic mechanic introduced in Let’s Go Pikachu/Eevee. Once again in Let’s Go Pikachu/Eevee you need to have your partner pokemon with you to use it, if you decide to put it in a box (not even sure if it was possible tho…oh well) you can’t use those Special Technic to get around. So my wish for the new game is to see them bringing back the Pokemon Rider, it would be even more cool if there was mixing it up with the Eon Flute, I really appreciate lading on a particular route and not in the closest town of the route I wanted to go in Alpha Sapphire/Omega Ruby.

See & Fight

©Nintendo/Game Freak

I liked the idea of seeing the Pokemon walking around in Let’s Go Pikachu/Eevee, it was really helpful when we was looking for a specific Pokemon, but I disliked the idea of not fighting them it was so annoying and let’s not talk about the number of Pokeball I wasted on that. I don’t know if the developer are aware of it but Pokeball (any of them) are…not… free… and you need a lot of Pokeball if you are working on evolving your Pokemon. Yes you can fight trainer to get experience points, but once those trainer are beaten if you need to evolve Pokemon you either leave them at the Pokemon Care which is take age for a Pokemon to even get close to the level needed or you catch Pokemon and to do that you need guess what Pokeball, fantastic…

I already know that fight will encounter seems to be back in the new game, I mean we see a wild Pikachu appearing in the trailer, but we still don’t know if it will be like in the original game. My wish would have be the following, be able to see the Pokemon walking around, this way you can still avoid the 100 Zubats 200 Ratatas and 300 Tentacruels but be able to fight them and not catch every single Pokemon just to get some exp.

Everything with Me

Something else I hope they will not bring back from the original game, it the PC, I loved having all my Pokemon with me and not having to go to a PC each time I needed to change it was fantastic. Of course if they does that they could maybe bring back to HM, but then always switching Pokemon in and out would just be a pain. Plus the Pokemon box could contain much more Pokemon than the PC AND you could sorted them in the order you wanted, with the PC you had to do it manually

This was my impression and wish for the new Pokemon game coming out later this years.

What are you thought on it? Let me know in the comment section below.

~ Thank you for Reading ~

10 thoughts on “Pokemon Sword & Shield: Impression & Wishes Leave a comment

  1. I loved the new starters’ designs! They are so adorable! (It’s funny how they’re compared to the Powerpuff Girls, though.) I actually haven’t played much Pokémon, tbh, but I’m playing Let’s Go Pikachu. I’m not sure if the game just isn’t for me, but I dislike having to catch a lot of them just to be able to get Charmander, Squirtle, and Bulbasaur. I didn’t want to have a lot of Caterpie to turn to Butterfree even if they’re cute! Or maybe the game isn’t just for me? orz

    Liked by 1 person

    • Guess I got lucky since I was able to catch the Kanto starter in the wild. I also have the of given since they have special abilities, but I did also catch them in the wild. I was a little bit hyped when I watched my first Charmander 🤣

      Liked by 1 person

      • Ohh! Out of them, I only got to catch Bulbasaur so far before even getting to the town where I have a chance to have a Bulbasaur given me. (Are Charmander and Squirtle even out in the wild, too?) Aww, lucky! My bro got to evolve his to a Charizard and I’m so envious since it’s flying. I really want to get that Charmander, but I’m so stupid bc I went on to the routes and found myself never able to turn back since it’s one way! I haven’t cleared the other gym (Vermillion?) yet. ;A; I’m so frustrated I haven’t played again yet. XD

        Liked by 1 person

      • lol yes they are also in the wild but they are uncommon, the chance to get one are really thin, I just got really lucky.

        If you are still around Cerulean city, you should be able to get Charmander I got iton the route between Mt Moon and Cerulean.

        As for Squirtle, you need the Special Technic that allows you to Surf, you only get it once you get to Fuchsia city if I remember well.

        I only missed Venusaur, that poor thing.. I’m so focused at beating the elite four that I don’t use other pokemon than the one I need. If only I could just fight the pokemon instead of catching them to get exp, my life would be easier.

        Liked by 1 person

      • Ohh that’s great for you! Lucky~

        I checked yesterday (but didn’t play) and I’m currently on route 10. I think I can’t go back? ;A;

        Ohhh. That’s the Squirtle who Officer Jenny went out to capture?

        Ahhh~ you already beat the Elite 4? Niiice! Hahaha! I understand. But Pikachu (what we have is Let’s Go Pikachu) is really OP. My bro went to capture another Pikachu because he said it’s no fun to play with the original one given since his stats are all best. Is there a way so that Pikachu/Eevee isn’t the one summoned at first when in battle?

        Liked by 1 person

      • Lol I haven’t beat the Elite 4 yet, I want to level up my pokemon before and for that I have to catch a bunch of Pokemon which is really annoying.

        Yes you have to change the order of your party. The first Pokemon of your party is always the 1st to go, so if you out another pokemon first instead of Pikachu/Eevee it will be that other that will go first.


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