This is a very special post, a post I would have wish I didn’t have to write

Back in the beginning of the years, I set up some goal for the blog, for the K-Friday segment. The goal was to keep up with the new kpop released which i managed to do for January and I was planning to get through February released soon.

However a scandal broke up, a night club, with a well known idol as director was under the suspicion of having a VIP room where girls were dragged to have non consensual sex aka getting raped while being under some drug influences. This made me sick and I was really angry at the nightclub director , Seungri from BigBang (now former member since he retired from the entertainment industry and YG terminated his contract)

But what made this scandale even bigger it’s when SBS reporter start to look deeper into in and discover the existence of a chat room on Kakaotalk (korean messaging apps) it which Seungri, Jung JoonYoung (solo act), Choi Jonghoon (FT Island) and other people whose name wasn’t disclosed (yet). In that chatroom there was casually talking about raping women and sharing video of rape. They were fully aware that was they were doing was wrong, but still done it.

Other information was uncovered in that infamous chatroom and since then what was a sex scandal in a nightclub who was providing girl for the VIP member, became one of biggest corruption scandals concerning the police. A lot of event was cover up by the police and now SBS reporter is digging to bring everything into the light.

Each day bring something new, each day a new name is drop, while I can normally dissociate the artist from the art, this is way bigger and now listening to Jung JoonYoung song make me sick. I’m pretty sure I already promoted him in the past and now I really regret it, and this is why I will put all idol promotion on hold, I don’t want to talk about an artist for then discovering that artist was part of that big mess.

I know I could probably continue to look at for debuting group, but I will just but an hold on everything for the time being. I might listen at new released, but will not talk about it on the blog.

I will continue to follow what is happening, i want to see all that mess will end and which oth head will fall.

If you want to follow the case, you can take look at Asian Junkie and Asia 24/7 blog or look at that twitter account.

~ Thank you for Reading ~

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