gangsta: cursed. ep_marco adriano cover volume 1
©Kamo Syuhei
Original Title Gangta.: Cursed: EP_Marco Adriano
Mangaka Kamo Syuhei
Status Complete
Genre Action, Drama, Seinen
Chapter 19
Volume 5
Original Run April 2014 to February 2018


Spin-off series of the manga and anime series Gangsta.written by Kohske (Gangsta. author) assistant Kamo Syuhei. This series follows Marco Adriano, before he join the Christiano family, when he was part of the first Destroyer squad.

gangsta: cursed. ep_marco adriano
©Kamo Syuhei

When I see people talking about Gangsta., the one thing I always do it’s telling them that if they enjoyed that anime, they should read the manga. Not cause the manga if far more better, it’s hard to compare an unfinished product, an anime series that will never be complete (unless another studio decide to reboot it even if the series is still  ongoing series, and it’s exactly why I tell people to read the manga instead of watching the anime, the series is still on-going… I for myself really enjoy the manga, really, so when I knew there was a spin-off series in the making, I was quite happy. I got even more excited when I knew it was about Marco Adriano, Loretta Cristiano right-hand.

Reading Gangsta. made me curious about Marco since it is said in the series that Marco was once part of the Destroyer, the group who enjoyed killing the Twilight. I wanted to know how he was before and why did he switched group, passing from the bad guy to the “good” one and that is what Cursed was about to give me.

gangsta: cursed. ep_marco adriano
©Kamo Syuhei

Let’s start by the story, unlike the original series, Gangsta., Cursed is not as complicated, series is about the raid of the Destroyer, the raid that happened 15 years prior the main event of Gangsta. So the five volumes of cursed mostly cover the fight that happened with flashback here and there. The main point of the series is seeing Marco, knows as Spas realizing the Twilight are not the monster he thought they were, in fact they were human like him (if we can call both human of course). Spas/Marco realized the Destroyer were maybe the monster her since they were not only killing Twilight, but also normal human who were close to the Twilight.

He began to doubt that what they were doing was the right thing, Gangsta. Cursed is not a series based on corruption like the original is, it’s about Marco wondering the legitimacy of his act. In the last volume, we see Spas/Marco adjusting to his new life, getting beat cause of this past action, to finally become accepted. We are also reminded a sword of Damocles is dangling over his head, if he lose the protection of the Cristiano, Gina will have his head.

My favorite volume was the last one, it’s really wrap up everything nicely with Loretta’s birth and Luca giving the name of Marco to Spas to mark the beginning of his new life.

gangsta: cursed.ep_marco adriano, volume 5
©Kamo Syuhei

Since is it’s a spin-off story, we see character from the original series, like Beretta, Strikers and Galahad, but also new one like Maverick who is the leader of the second Destroyer squad and Luca Cristiano, Loretta’s father, who was the head of the Cristiano family at that time. I will be honest with you while we don’t see much of Luca in either the spin-off of the original, he is a fantastic character and clearly adore his wife and daughter and he trusted Marco. He is the guy who let Spas becoming Marco, yes he said he was more like a weapon that he could use later, but he made sure that Marco follow the right path and made him the protector of Loretta. We also see a young Connie, who have trouble forgiving Marco for being who he was, but we can also feel something more is coming between them. We also briefly meet Shelly, Loretta’s mother, and I have a strong feeling she played a big part in what Marco became. The way she look at him when Luca ask Marco is he want to hold the little Loretta, she clearly trust him, she doesn’t judge him for what he did, I have to say I tear up a little knowing what happen later, I really like how both manga publication was coordinated since they were maybe a year apart. There is some scene of Cursed volume 5 that appeared in the volume 8 of Gangsta. When I say it was wrapped up nicely, this is also part of it, those who read the scan of the chapter of volume 8 knows what happen in said volume…

gangsta: cursed. ep_marco adriano volume 5
©Kamo Syuhei

The spin-off is written and draw by Kamo Syuhei, however we can clearly see Kohske drawing style here, I kept forgetting it wasn’t draw by her since both art style is very similar, I could almost say that they are identical, not a bad thing since it’s a spin-off, but if Kamo decide to make a new project, maybe he should find his own style.

Did I enjoyed Gangsta. Cursed as much as I enjoy the original? I would say no since both story are really different, the impact are not the same, but I would still suggest to read it if you want to know more about Marco and where he is from.

Did you read the series Gangsta: Cursed, EP_Marco Adriano? Are you planning to read it ?

Let me know in the comment section below.

~ Thank you for Reading ~

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