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Tuesday  04/16/19

Awesome Stuff I Came Across this Week


Around the Web-o-Sphere

There is more most I could have added, but since I’m not up to date with the series they are covering, I haven’t read them yet.

Mel is Watching

As you can read above, I haven’t watch anything this week, not cause I didn’t have time, I just didn’t really thought about it.

Hello everyone!

Happy Easter

Sorry for the little delay for the post, yesterday I decide to use my time to work on my personal project instead and after I had dinner at my sister place, nothing fancy but it was good, plus I could take her two rats. Lovely little rodent that like to hang out on your shoulders. I posted a picture on twitter of Elsa (the other is obviously Anna).

I should post a small update about my personal project on the other blog and if I don’t forget about it, I will edit this post with the link once the update is published.

I will wish you all to have a great week!

~ Thank you for Reading ~

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