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I watched the 2nd episode of Bungo Stray Dogs, still behind tho, one day I will catch up XD

Hello everyone!

Hope you all had a great week!

I haven’t much to say for this week, my thumb is healing, the cut is now close put it still sensitive if I press too much on it (duh).

Still playing Sims, I start a new game play, in which I pretend my Teen Sims runaway with no money. I know there is cheat that exist to delete the funds of a household, but it doesn’t seem to work on PS4, so what I do it each time I make money, I subtract what the sims had after buying the lot ( Sims have base funds of 20K and the lot I bought was 2,500 so I subtract 17,500 from my total fund, gonna eventually buy a vault to put that 17,500 in to make sure I don’t use it) my goal is to reach 999,999 which is the max money a sims can have. But I also to build a house so it will sometimes, however I have a money tree so this will help a lot.

Anyway… I’m working a post that will eventually see the light and there is an OWLS post coming for the end of the month, I have a few more post idea, I just have to write them.

Wish you to have a great week!

~ Thank you for Reading ~

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