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[OWLS Tour] My Little Happiness

Hello Everyone
It’s me Mel

Welcome back to a new OWLS post, I chose to not take part of the April tour because I had no clue on how I should talk about the April topic. I have set a rules that is if I don’t know what I should talk about when I see the subject, I will not take part of the tour cause I know I will struggle to write my post and this is why I haven’t took part of the April tour. However, May it’s different, for May Lyn, our Chief Creator gave us an easy and fun topic, but before telling you the subject, I will tell you what is OWLS.

OWLS stand for Otaku Warrior for Liberty and self-respect, we are a group of blogger and vlogger who promotes the acceptance of everyone regardless of their gender, sexuality, ethnicity, religion and disabilities. Each month we are given a topic and we the help of the pop-culture we explore it.

For the month of May, the subject is “Happiness”

Happiness is subjective. We all have different definitions of what happiness means to us and we also feel happiness in varying degrees. This month we will be exploring several questions describing our happiness in our fandoms, communities, and hobbies. Why do we find enjoyment watching anime or reading manga? Why did we decide to join the anime or pop culture communities? Why do we blog about our hobbies or cosplay as our favorite characters? This topic is all about the passions we have for our interests and why they are important to us.

Anime blogging community
Massive otaku collections
Fanfiction junkie”

There a lot of little things that makes me happy and smile, in fact it’s quite easy to makes me smile and happy. So there is a lot of thing I could talk about for this tour.

I could talk about how I love watching big fluffy cloud, you know the one that look like cotton candy? I could also talk about the stars and moon, I remember when I visited the Magdalene Island last year, we could clearly see the stars at night in the backyard, thing I can’t do at home cause of the street light.

I could have choose to talk about those little thing that bring me joy like bird or the crunching sound the death leaves and the fresh snow make when I walk. How I like the smell of my hot chocolate milk when I make it with cocoa powder.

I could have make a post about my dog, those of you who follow me knows how much I love him even if he love stealing socks. I could tell you how happy I am to see where my sister is now.

I can tell you how much I like my anime merchandise collection and how I’m really happy each time I receive a new package, my little nendoroids makes me smile and the fanzine are beautiful.

I could share with you a lot of thing that make me happy and talk about it over and over again. But I will not center my post about those thing. Today I will tell you what makes me happy as an aniblogger.

What makes me happy is the community in which I am, but not the overall community, really the one I interact with. I’m happy to see their random tweet, to be able to talk to them. I know that if I have something bothering me, it can be anything, I can share my worries with them, they are a supportive bunch of folk and I’m truly happy to know each of them.

Within this community I found my best friend Hazelyn aka Zel the awesome girl behind the Archi-Anime blog.

And you know what is even more awesome? if while that you are reading this (if you read it not long after it get out) I’m probably somewhere on the Fanime ground with her. Yup you read it right, as you reading this I am in San Jose, California with my bestfriend and this makes me extremely happy, meeting my best friend after two years of internet interaction for the first time and attending Fanime with her makes me happy. And you know what, I maybe even met Lyn (Something About Lyn Lyn)by the time you read this post

The aniblogging community in which I’m part of make me happy and meeting them makes even more happy.

I said it I the beginning there is a lot of thing that makes me happy but nothing can beat meeting my internet best friend for the first time I real life.

This was my owls post for May, hope you enjoyed reading it. Hope you read Shokamoka that was on the 24th and keep an eye out for Megan’s post scheduled for the 26th. You can find the full tour schedule here.

~Thank you for reading~

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