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Hello everyone!

It’s me Mel!

I first want to apologize for not telling you that last week round-up would not happen, I really wanted to make my trip to San Jose a secret, I know I could have just say that I would have be way for a few days but…oh well.

I really had a great time over there, finally meeting Zel in real life was my main reason of going, Fanime just come in extra, plus I had the chance to meet Lyn and Shay which was awesome. I know I will eventually go back, just son’t know when, sadly unlike in Sims I don’t have a money tree growing in my backyard.

Yesterday was my last day of vacation and luckily I had a day off today, it’s really fortunate since I was lazy yesterday and didn’t feel like writing a blog post (this is a big lie since I started working on my Owls post for June) plus I kept being distracted by watching The Sims Supply video (how surprising) in the end I ended-up playing sims until 1am (this is another reason why it’s great that I don’t work today)

This is all for me, hope you will have a great week!!



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